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Home and Away spoiler: Leah worries about Theo’s future

While Theo gets ready to return to the TAFE mechanics course, Justin is not persuaded by any of the applicants to assume the supervisory post. Indeed, Justin is keen to be restored so that he may provide Theo with one-on-one mentoring.

Leah and Theo are doubtful, but Justin moves quickly. He impresses Theo’s tutor and gets the call for confirmation shortly after. Justin is excited to go through the programme since he already has it.

Leah notices Theo’s hesitation, though. He gets upset when she confronts him about it. Leah knows better than to disregard her intuition, but Theo insists that everything is alright and that she should give up.

In the meantime, Xander believes that Mali’s persistent meddling is unnecessary and that Rose’s dilemma on Samuel is still harming those around her. Xander is abrupt, saying he’s finished talking to Mali about it. Mali then shows in to apologise to Rose. She gives in but advises him to keep out of the conflict between the siblings.

Rose and Xander at last begin to mend during the quiet after the storm. Although she’s not sure how she feels about the issue, if he’s open to listening, she’d like to try and explain.

In other news, John is doing everything he can to con Mackenzie, while the Surf Club committee’s team-building exercise is quickly coming. He manipulates Salt into agreeing to host a few more light competitions with prizes for the victors. Nevertheless, Mackenzie sets a boundary on any high shelf booze, shutting John down before he can even make a suggestion, in spite of her kind support for the club.


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