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Home and Away’s Logan Bennett to be drawn into stabbing aftermath

After a shocking stabbing in Summer Bay, Logan Bennett of Home and Away appears to be on the verge of discovering Mackenzie Booth’s secret.

Mackenzie has been hosting illegal poker sessions at Salt in a desperate attempt to solve her debt crisis for the past three weeks, leaving Logan in the dark.

Mac has enlisted the help of Dean Thompson, Felicity Newman, Tane Parata, and Ryder Jackson at various points, but she has insisted that Logan not know what’s going on.

Mac’s role in the illicit business came back to haunt her in heartbreaking moments in Wednesday’s programme on Channel 7 in Australia (May 18).

Mac has been at odds with some of the shady characters who have been participating in the poker games, with slimy PK causing the most trouble.

Two men arrived at Salt while Mac and Dean were closing shop, demanding money from the till, according to the latest cliffhanger on the drama.

As the guys began tearing up the eatery, everything spiralled out of control. When Felicity and Tane interrupted them, a fight ensued, with Tane being stabbed.


Logan will be sucked into the aftermath of the narrative on Thursday night’s triple bill in Australia (May 19), according to Home and Away. Tane requires immediate medical attention.

Because Mac, Dean, and Felicity are afraid of attracting police suspicion by calling an ambulance, they invite Logan in to save Tane instead.

When Mac acknowledges that she hasn’t phoned an ambulance, Logan is perplexed.

A worried Mac tells her boyfriend, promising to explain everything once Tane is okay: “I’ll tell you everything later, but I’m counting on your trust. Just save Tane, please.”

Will Logan forgive Mac for hiding secrets, or will this drama have an impact on his future departure from Summer Bay? What will become of Tane?

These scenes will air on Channel 5 in June for Home and Away fans in the United Kingdom.


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