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Closer each day! Ada Nicodemou and long-term boyfriend Adam Rigby enjoy cocktails with former Home and Away co-star Charlie Clausen amid engagement rumours

Over the weekend, Ada Nicodemou reconnected with a former Home and Away co-star.

The 46-year-old actress was seen in Byron Bay sipping on a casual cocktail alongside her partner Adam Rigby and 45-year-old ex-costar Charlie Clausen.

Ada was fashionable and at ease as she took in her Summer Bay reunion at an outdoor pub.

She was dressed in loose-fitting off-pink leggings and a white top underneath a matching white top.

She complemented the ensemble with a pair of chic thongs, and her voluminous brown hair was styled loosely.

Charlie, a fellow Home and Away graduate, was dressed in all-black ensemble, including baseball cap, shirt, and jeans.

Adam, Ada’s spouse, sported a pair of blue trousers, a black and white chequered shirt, and basic sandals.

Before Ada and Adam embarked on a passionate bike ride across town, the group of friends relaxed with their beers in the mild Byron winter afternoon.

It happens after Ada stoked speculation about the couple’s potential impending engagement during a romantic vacation in Europe.

The couple, together with Ada’s son Johnas, skipped the Logie Awards in preference of travelling to Cyprus, according to a story published in New Idea last month.

After the celebrity acknowledged to the media that the trip was for Adam to meet her extended family, the story made assumptions about a potential engagement for her.

According to the article, the couple’s friends and family are’mad about each other’ and are simply waiting for them to declare their relationship as official.

Ada previously waxed lyrical about their quick chemistry, telling New Idea that they met at a work event and that Adam was unaware of her notoriety.

But it’s kind of cool, right? She spoke. She remarked about Adam, “I liked that he didn’t know about the show.”

She has also lauded their relationship, adding that they ‘love each other’ and that she is fortunate to have found a partner who is so accepting of her child.

Although Ada, who has previously been married, has kept their romance out of the public eye, she did pay tribute to Adam in October 2021.

She captioned an Instagram picture with “Thank you for 5 amazing years, babe,” along with a few red heart emojis.

She praised him at the time for his ongoing assistance and for becoming Johnas’ stepfather, who is now ten.

She started her post with, “I hope you feel loved and spoiled, Johnas and I adore you.”

She captioned a selfie of the cute couple with, “You love us and support us so much, thank you for all you do for us and we love you.”

Rumours about Ada and Adam’s engagement have frequently surfaced in the past.


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