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13 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week What’s next in Summer Bay?

Coming up on Home and Away, Levi and Mackenzie are almost caught in the act by Eden.

Elsewhere, Tane considers a permanent move to New Zealand, and newcomer Valerie leads vulnerable Theo down a dangerous path.

Here’s a full collection of 13 huge moments.

 Eden makes a big decision

Eden is feeling conflicted about making a victim impact statement against the brothers who kidnapped her and Remi.

She’s adamant that ringleader Wes should be punished for what he did, but feels his sibling Mickey should receive a more lenient sentence.

Remi is outraged by the suggestion so Eden goes to see Levi for reassurance. She arrives at his hotel room, but almost catches him and Mackenzie in the act.

  1. Remi is haunted by the past

Levi is in support of Eden’s decision, which leaves her feeling empowered and grateful to have her big brother back in her life.

With Eden refusing to budge on her quest to help Mickey, angry Remi announces that he’s going to make his own statement which directly contradicts hers.

As Remi’s stress levels continue to soar, he suddenly experiences a vivid flashback to the moment of his accident.

Remi has a change of heart

When Remi and Eden continue to clash, Cash is forced to intervene.

He defends his girlfriend by telling Remi that Eden has just as much right to tell her story as he does.

With that, Eden records her victim impact statement and asks the magistrate to consider Mickey’s efforts to help them.

Remi overhears Eden’s plea and has a change of heart, deciding he can’t and won’t stand in her way.

Levi sends Mac mixed signals

Levi is rattled after the close call with Eden and tells Mac his sister must never find out about their affair.

He reveals that he and Eden became estranged after he sided with their father when he cheated on their mum.

The lovers share stories from their pasts, which leaves Mac feeling closer than ever to Levi.

Later on at work, she sends the doctor a romantic text to say she’s missing him, but is devastated by his harsh reply.

 Roo and John call a truce

John is not happy when Roo declares she’s using Surf Club money to pay Cash for his investigation into the anonymous donor.

The co-workers continue to disagree until Roo finally relents and agrees to fund Cash’s job herself.

In exchange, John pledges to tone down his own spending with the budget.

Cash is on to something

Cash gets a breakthrough when he receives a tip-off from a mystery caller about the source of the donation.

Later, Cash informs Roo and John he’s reached a dead end in his investigation and tells them they need to let it go.

The wily pair realise at once he’s lying and vow to get to the bottom of what Cash is keeping from them.

Valerie invites herself to stay

Leah is back home, but finding it difficult being under the same roof as Justin.

Clearly terrified of hurting him again, she refuses to sleep in the same bed as her fiancé.

Leah confides her fears in Valerie, who offers to move in with Leah and act as her emotional support. She’s excited by the prospect of a new housemate, but Justin remains cautious.

Justin doesn’t trust Valerie

Justin goes for a walk with Valerie on the beach in attempt to get to know her better.

Their chat takes an uncomfortable turn when Justin triggers Valerie by asking why she ended up in the clinic.

He apologises for his clumsy mistake, but remains wary about Valerie’s interference in his and Leah’s lives.

9. Tane wants out

Tane returns home and quickly discovers Mac has been messing around with a married man.

Mac tries to justify her actions, while Tane confesses he slept with Felicity before he left for New Zealand.

The bombshells keep on coming when Tane tells Mali he’s decided there’s nothing keeping him in Summer Bay – he’s moving back to New Zealand.

10. Tane and Felicity find closure

Felicity is gutted when Mali informs her of Tane’s decision and she storms over to her ex’s house, demanding to know why he didn’t tell her first.

Tane insists he’s not doing it to hurt her and the former couple discuss the possibility of dating other people.

Felicity reassures Tane she’ll always want the best for him, which makes him decide to stick around for a little while longer.

11. Xander takes Harper out

Dana plays matchmaker and sets Harper up on a date with fellow singleton Xander.

The pair attend Moonlight at Salt together and afterwards Xander is the perfect gentleman when he walks Harper home.

Next morning, everyone is dying to hear all the juicy details, but Dana is disappointed when both Harper and Xander admit there’s no romantic spark.

12. Mali and Rose drift further apart

A series of misunderstandings sees Rose and Mali edging further into the friend zone.

Mali confides in Xander about the lack of time he’s spent with his girlfriend recently and admits it’s as if he’s single again.

Can the couple find a way back to one another?

13. Valerie offers Theo drugs

Theo receives a text to say he’s failed his TAFE results and is hurt by Valerie’s unsympathetic response.

She quickly apologises for being mean and Theo pulls Valerie in for a hug, while a jealous Kirby looks on.

The exes then end up in a heated row and afterwards Valerie offers Theo a pill as a pick-me-up. He hesitates at first, but goes ahead and swallows the drug. Will Theo regret being so reckless?


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