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Home and Away spoiler: Kirby makes a devastating discovery

Justin tells Eden and Remi that their friendship will suffer irreparable harm if they publish their song about Kirby’s betrayal. Eden later confides in Remi that she is having second thoughts about their choice to sing the song in public. She obviously hopes that things with Kirby would improve.

Remi starts to doubt herself soon after, and they both decide they can’t hurt Kirby in that way. They will write new songs, and the song they wrote about Kirby might be the last one they write before moving on.

Kirby and Forrest later get ready for her solo career debut. Forrest wonders why Kirby would invite her old bandmates. Kirby, though, knows exactly what she wants and will honour Lyrik’s contribution to her identity. She is devastated to discover the words to Remi and Eden’s recently abandoned song when she goes to deliver their invitation.

As all of this is going on, Roo is recovering well and can’t wait to get home, but when Marilyn shows there, she loses her temper dramatically. Her message was very clear: Marilyn is not welcome. When Marilyn finally leaves in tears, Alf is inconsolable.

Roo, who is just as upset, says that Marilyn doesn’t need to be around to remind her why she is confined to the hospital. Roo makes the decision to call Marilyn back to the hospital after learning that Alf has cancelled his intentions to visit Martha in Merimbula. Marilyn accepts her apology and olive branch without reservation. Roo will never be able to forgive Marilyn, though, when she later confesses to Leah that she staged the reconciliation for Alf’s sake.


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