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Home and Away death fears for Dana Matheson in 15 spoiler pictures

Next week, Dana Matheson’s life is in jeopardy on Channel 5’s Home and Away as she is abducted by dishonest police officer DS Madden.

Mali Hudson goes above and beyond to assist Xander Delaney at Salt, while Rose Delaney worries about the repercussions for those who assisted Dana in remaining on the run.

On Monday, October 30, Dana is taken hostage.
Dana was taken into custody by DS Madden, however he did not take her to the police station.

Monday, October 30: Backup for DS Madden
Corruption-ridden associate Fletcher executes Madden’s directives.

October 30, Monday: Madden explains the strategy
While he prepares his alibi back at the police station, he begs Fletcher to watch Dana.

October 30, Monday: Dana feels scared.
Fletcher intends to murder her once Madden gives the all-clear.

On October 30, Monday: A conflict starts
Dana is tied up and eventually escapes her chair.


Monday, October 30: Fletcher makes an effort to take over.
The plan isn’t working out.

On October 30, Monday: Dana isn’t going to give up.
She struggles to survive.

On Monday, October 30, Dana makes her own defence
She knocks Fletcher out, and the roles are reversed.

October 30, Monday: Dana feels relieved
The distant shack remains locked, even when Fletcher is rendered comatose.

Monday, October 30: Fletcher’s phone is secured by Dana.
She must deliver a message to her family.

On October 30, Monday, Dana attempts to contact Harper.
Harper and the cops must come to her aid as soon as possible.

Monday, October 30: Concerned Dana
She is able to speak with Harper for a short while and hopes that the call may be tracked.

On October 30, Monday, Madden is back.
He’s ready to take care of Dana himself, enraged that Fletcher hasn’t killed her.

Tuesday, October 31: Rose sends Mali a text.
Rose had a busy day at work dealing with the DS Madden corruption case’s climax, so she will be late for their date.

Tuesday, October 31: Mali is entertained by Xander
He works at Salt right now.


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