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Home and Away spoiler: Bree spotted kissing new character

The 2023 season of Home and Away is almost over, but a fan has discovered a teaser for the upcoming season, showing a favourite kissing a new man who isn’t her on-screen partner.

One of the show’s best couples is Bree Cameron (Juliet Goodwin) and Remi Carter (Adam Rowland). However, in typical Summer Bay fashion, the couple hasn’t been without dramas: after all, they fell in love while Bree was still married to her abusive husband, and tension is known to arise from Remi’s musical aspirations and ego.

With their present level of consistency, Home and Away know how to switch things up and keep their fans guessing.

The season finale, which airs on Wednesday, November 29, teases a violent motorcycle crash in which lives could be lost.

Who has a motorcycle? Remi, naturally.


In the season finale of Home and Away, Remi rides his motorcycle quickly down the road to pick up his closest friend Eden, who isn’t exactly enjoying herself while camping with her boyfriend, Cash.


Remi appears to be hit by an oncoming automobile, though, as he speeds along the highway. Will he make it? Probably not till the next year…

Bree seen with a new partner
An astute fan has now noticed that Bree/Juliet is filming new sequences and that she is kissing a man who is obviously not Remi.

A fan posted a behind-the-scenes photo of the sequence being recorded with the mystery man in a Home and Away spoilers group.

Comment sections quickly filled with fans speculating about what in the world was happening.

Someone asked, “Why do Remi & Bree break up?”

“I don’t like idea Bree not being with Remi after all they went through, something bad must of happened between them,” stated a another individual.

One fan whined, “Can’t stay happy in Summer Bay.”

Naturally, someone conjectured on the most crucial aspect.

They questioned, “Maybe Remi dies in the motorcycle accident?”

However, other supporters quickly refuted that idea.

One said, “He’s still filming.” Someone else said, “Nobody dies.”

Well, we’ll just have to wait till next year to find out!


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