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Home and Away EXCLUSIVE: Lukas Radovich reveals if he would return

The star played Ryder Jackson on the soap from 2017 to 2022.

After leaving the serial opera last year, fans of Home and Away have been pleading with the producers to bring Lukas Radovich back. The 28-year-old star portrayed Ryder Jackson, the long-lost grandchild of Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher), for five years.

Even though he has been occupied with his own projects and will shortly perform on stage at the Kings Cross Theatre in May, the end of his character’s storyline left the possibility of a comeback open.

The Salt bartender got a job working on a cruise ship after serving as a dealer for Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) in an illegal gambling operation. Ryder should occasionally travel to Summer Bay, even if only for a brief stay, since his aunt Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker) and grandpa Alf are still residents of the town.

Lukas affirms to Yahoo Lifestyle that he would be willing to join the serial opera once more.

“I’d adore to return. At some time in the future, Ryder would be wonderful to see. It doesn’t necessarily have to happen soon,” he thinks.

But who knows, it would be intriguing to see what that figure is up to. Possibly [for] the show’s 40th jubilee!”

Penny McNamee, a former co-star who portrayed Tori Morgan from 2016 to 2021, recently joined the programme as a writer. Lukas says he would be open to working behind the scenes in some way as he explores his creative side through producing and directing.

He says, “I adore the creative control you get and the agency you feel [as you see] the story from its inception to the finished product.

“I enjoy being able to see the overall picture of the result rather than just being a cog in the machinery. I’d be thrilled to take on a director’s position or something similar, he continues.

The show’s “tough goodbye” from Lukas: “Right choice”
When Lukas shared his final farewell scene with his best friend Courtney Miller, who portrayed Bella Nixon on-screen and in real life, many viewers started crying.

He claims that because they didn’t want to say farewell to one another, the couple was “holding back” during the scene. The young actors let their emotions out after the director informed them that it was their final try.

“All bets were off; we were sobbing uncontrollably. Given that it was my final scene with Courtney, I believe that made the scenario even more poignant, he says.

He is unafraid to admit that it was extremely “tough” to say farewell to the place he had considered to be “home for the last five years.”

“We spend nearly six days a week—every day of the week—together. Although it was challenging, he says, “I believe I made the correct choice. “I don’t feel like I’ve lost the people in my life that I was really close to because I still get to see them all the time.”

Fans express their “support” after Lukas discusses his sexual orientation.

Lukas spoke openly about his sexuality in an interview with Sydney Confidential earlier this month for the first time. The openly homosexual actor has posted photos on social media with his longtime partner Liam Forcadilla, but he has never publicly discussed his sexual orientation.

After the publication of the article, he remembers feeling “excited and nervous,” but thanks his followers for their “support.”

“I’ve received a lot of messages from fans expressing their support, so it’s been really overwhelmingly positive,” the author said. It feels good to just talk a little bit more about who I am as a person because many of the projects I’m working on are related to who I am as a person. It would be improper to not discuss who I am, how I came to choose these projects, why I selected them, etc., he says.

He tells us it’s not the first time he’s been asked this question when asked if he envisions wedding bells in the future with his professional netball partner.

He chuckles, “Oh no, you can’t ask that.” I’m receptive to it, look. Probably either [Liam] or his mother brings up that subject on a regular basis.

Ty and Ryder’s kiss: “We did the best we could.”
For the first time in a long time, Ryder and Ty Anderson (Darius Williams) shared a smooch on screen in 2018’s Home and Away. Even though Ty’s strong emotions weren’t reciprocated by Lukas’ character, the actor claimed that the plot was handled with “a lot of care.”

“I believe that we made a sincere effort to create the best story we could at the moment. However, I firmly believe that there is place for advancement as well as additional representation, he adds.

When it comes to depiction on television, Australia has a fairly conservative outlook. However, I believe that change is occurring, albeit very slowly.

The celebrity claims that the media landscape is altering and that those in positions of authority are using their voices to ensure that every story is shared. She also notes that there is more diversity now than there was five years ago in writing rooms, which filters through to the screen.

“I would have liked to investigate that plot further. However, even though it has only been a few years since 2018, the world has altered significantly. And I believe we did the greatest job we could with that plot.


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