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Home and Away: Mackenzie and Dean are held hostage while Tane fights for his life

This week, Mac meets PK’s fury as his thugs storm Salt and demand money.

The terrifying week follows PK’s deception of Mac (Emily Weir) at the last poker night, where he scored big and claimed she owed him $100,000.

Mac refused PK’s (Ryan Johnson) seduction to pay off her debt.

Now she seeks vengeance and he seeks retribution

Emily, 30, says PK wants to win, control, and win. “He’s egotistical and hates being told no. He wants to punish her for lying.”

Mac and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) intend to free Salt of debt and PK.

Dean (Patrick O’Connor) disagrees and offers to “take care of it”, but Mac refuses.

She agrees to organise another poker night for him. PK will profit – or so she says. Mac will pay off her obligation with the money.

Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) overhears Mac and Dean and believes they’re playing a dangerous game.

Later that day, PK’s associate Nathan (Ryan Panizza) appears and warns Mac to abandon her revenge plan.

Mac dismisses him. Two men ambush Mac and Dean as they close Salt after Nathan’s warning.

One man forces them to the ground while he loots the eatery with a knife.

After closing the gym, Tane and Felicity decide to check on Mac. Dean attacks when their arrival distracts the men. Tane fights.

Salt’s criminals run, but Tane’s harmed. Felicity sees blood and is shocked. Tane’s stabbed!

Tane requires medical care, but a hospital will expose Mac’s crime. Time is running out, so Felicity advises calling Logan.

If Mac involves her partner, he will learn her secret and join her in her criminal action.

“There’s a very real and scary danger Tane will die,” Emily says.

Mackenzie is put in a position where Tane needs medical help, but doing so uncovers illegal behaviour at Salt.

Her life hangs by a thread.


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