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Home and Away: Xander and Nikau frantically attempt to save Millie from drowning – but will she survive?

Nikau sees a woman swim totally clothed from the beach. He yells at her to halt and points to the warning sign. The surf has a riptide.

But she goes in.

Save her before she drowns!

This week’s Home and Away scene is horrifying since the woman is Millie, whom Xander (Luke Van Os) saved from a car crash days earlier.

Millie (Zara Zoe) blames herself for Jo’s death.

Unable to live with guilt, she escapes the hospital this week and heads to the beach…

“Xander feels obligated to follow up on the patient following her friend’s death,” Luke tells TV WEEK.

“The focus is on his empathy for her and his knowledge of loss.”

Seeing Millie sink, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) radios for rescue before stripping off and running out to help.

Millie struggles in the turbulent surf.

Nikau searches with a rescue tube.

John (Shane Withington) sprints from the surf club to find Nikau pulling an unconscious Millie to shore.

Xander and Jasmine (Sam Frost) see Nikau with Millie. Millie’s escape alerted them to her whereabouts.

Xander offers his paramedic skills before assuming chest compressions. Millie’s inactivity makes Xander desperate.

Jasmine worries about her brother’s attachment.

Millie lives?


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