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Home and Away’s Kirby Aramoana makes life-changing Lyrik decision

Next week, Kirby Aramoana of Home and Away will make a significant and transformative choice as she reevaluates her professional path.

In order to focus on her solo career, Kirby left the band Lyrik earlier this year. However, her road to success hasn’t been easy thus far, especially since Eden Fowler and Remi Carter, her former bandmates, are still upset about her leaving.

In scenes that would air in the UK the following week, Kirby expresses gratitude to her manager, Forrest Duke, despite his past involvement in her friendship with her pals, despite her nervousness about the premiere event for her solo career.

Forrest has gone all out for Kirby’s launch, hiring a limousine to fetch her up and reserving a fantastic space that he has decked up with eye-catching pictures of her.

While travelling to the launch, a well-dressed Theo Poulos pays Remi and Eden a visit in an attempt to get them to join him, but they reject him since they still can’t forgive Kirby for leaving Lyrik.

Theo arrives and greets Kirby with much enthusiasm, but he must deliver the disheartening news that Remi and Eden will not be attending.

Thirty minutes before showtime, Kirby pulls back the curtain to observe the audience, her disappointment growing at her friends’ abandonment. The turnout is tremendous, but all she can think about is Remi and Eden not being there.


After deciding not to attend Kirby’s launch, Remi and Eden feel bad about not helping their friend. As Kirby prepares to take the stage, she can’t help but feel uneasy about everything. Forrest comforts her, though, and the play must go on.

Eden and Remi walk into the room as Kirby starts her performance, giving her a boost of confidence.

Forrest takes Kirby away from her pals after a fantastic show so she can conduct interviews, but Kirby won’t do them. She abruptly states that she wants to return to Lyrik and that she doesn’t feel comfortable being a solo artist.

Kirby is confronted by a ferocious Forrest, who warns her that failure to uphold the terms of her contract could result in dire consequences.

Later, during the celebration, Kirby tells her old bandmates that she wants to get back with Lyrik. While Theo and Eden are ecstatic, Remi laughs bitterly since, in his opinion, Lyrik has passed away.

Is the future of the band truly hopeless?


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