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Home and Away Spoilers – Can Nikau save Millie from drowning?

Nikau and Xander leap into action to prevent Millie from drowning, while Mac makes a rapid decision when Tane is hurt at Salt…

Even though he wasn’t on duty, paramedic Xander Delaney (Luke Van Os) found his first patient soon after arriving in Summer Bay.

Xander wanted to move to Summer Bay to be near his half-sister Jasmine (Sam Frost), but he was turned down for a job at the Yabbie Creek ambulance station.

Rose (Kirsty Marillier) held a job at Yabbie Creek police station with Jasmine’s boyfriend Cash (Nicholas Cartwright).

Jasmine and Xander were on their way to Reefton Lakes after talking to Logan (Harley Bonner) who had contacted some former colleagues when they came across a horrible road accident.

They were surprised to see Logan driving one automobile and Millie (Zara Zoe) driving the other. Xander went looking for her best friend Jo, who had left for help, and found her dead.

Xander had to keep Millie calm while performing an emergency treatment to remove air from her lungs, so she was unaware of her closest friend’s death.


Xander was horrified to find that no one had notified Millie about Jo, but Rose pointed out that Jo’s next-of-kin hadn’t been told, a task she and Cash soon confronted.

Millie was outraged that Xander had promised to look after them and blamed him for Jo’s death, demanding him to leave.

Jasmine reassured Millie that Jo was dead when they came, and Xander sent her flowers the next day. Xander asked Millie about Jo, and she apologised.

Rose became concerned about Xander’s softness toward patients when he continued to see Millie last week.

This week, Millie escapes from the hospital and heads to Summer Bay’s beach.

Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo), a volunteer lifeguard, sees a dangerous rip just off the shore and yells out to Millie as she steps into the ocean fully clothed.

Nik chases Millie, who is dragged underwater and struggles to breathe.

The club manager John (Shane Withington) arrives shortly after Nik drags an unconscious Millie back onto the beach, followed by Jasmine and Xander, who are looking for Millie after she vanished from the hospital.

Xander takes up chest compressions to save Millie.

Luke Van Os told TV Week that Xander follows up on the patient after her friend’s death and helps her throughout her recovery. “The focus is on his empathy for her and his knowledge of loss”

As time passes with no sign of Millie, Jasmine worries about her brother’s devotion to his patient.

Millie’s survival?


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