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Home and Away introduces new character Zara for Mali Hudson storyline

Next week, UK viewers of Home and Away will get to see Zara Campbell for the first time.

Mali Hudson’s ex-girlfriend Zara, portrayed by Matilda Brown, shows up in Summer Bay in an attempt to get back in touch with her.

Zara unexpectedly shows up as Mali is working hard at the board shop during a busy day.

Without any delay, the two go on a nostalgic journey through their shared childhood memories.

It’s evident from their conversation that Zara has had a long-standing relationship with Mali’s family.

When Xander Delaney notices Mali interacting with the visitor at Summer Bay, he becomes inquisitive.

Xander approaches Zara to enquire about the situation and is taken aback when she brashly identifies herself as Mali’s “promised wife”.


Xander is informed by Mali that this is a custom from Zara’s and his community. He makes it clear, too, that his family doesn’t take it seriously.

Xander finds it difficult to comprehend Zara’s role in Mali’s life. What will his sister Rose, who is seeing Mali, think of her boyfriend hanging out with an ex who still seems so close to him? He can’t help but wonder.

To exacerbate the situation, Zara appears resolute in depending on Mali for assistance during her trying times. Mali has a great sense of duty to support a friend in need, so she is excited to be there for Zara.

Could Zara, knowing that Rose will be around for a while, begin to put distance between herself and Mali?


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