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Home and Away Spoilers – Theo gets away as Leah returns

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Jasmine meets the siblings she never knew she had, and Theo gets some unexpected news thanks to Leah’s homecoming…

Last week, Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost) received some shocking news when her boyfriend Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) informed her that her estranged father, Alexander, had passed away.

Since she was six years old, Jasmine hadn’t seen her father. He’d abandoned Jasmine only a year after her mother died in a car accident, which she only discovered when no one was there to pick her up from the school gates. As a result, Jasmine spent her childhood with foster parents.

Cash was concerned about Jasmine’s lack of reaction to the news, which she explained was due to the fact that he had abandoned her so long ago.

This week, Irene (Lynne McGranger) inquires about Jasmine, who responds that she can’t force herself to grieve, but it’s a remark from Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) that triggers Jasmine’s feelings.

Given that Flick and Cash’s fathers both committed suicide, Flick observes that what Jasmine’s father did was brutal—he might have been in the next suburb the entire time she was growing up without her ever knowing…

When Jasmine arrives home, she sobs in Cash’s arms, wondering why her father abandoned her. She gives Cash the only photo she has of the two of them together, implying that Alexander was too embarrassed to reach out.

Jasmine bemoans the fact that she had so many questions for him, but she’ll never get answers… Will she or won’t she?

Irene answers the door to a stranger, Xander (Luke Van Os), who asks for Jasmine later in the week.

When he subsequently exposes himself to be Jasmine’s brother, Irene is taken aback!

After receiving an urgent call from Irene, Jasmine and Cash return home, where Irene introduces her visitor.

Given that they both had the same father, Xander goes on to explain that he is her half-brother. Until their father’s will was read, Xander was unaware of Jasmine’s existence.

All of this is too much for Jasmine, who tells Xander that he must be mistaken and begs him to go, later portraying the situation to Cash as an obvious con.

The next day, Cash goes for a morning swim at the pool, where he strikes up a conversation with a young woman named Rose (Kirsty Marillier), who plainly likes him.

Rose’s phone rings, and she rushes to Salt, where she meets Xander, who confesses that he hadn’t had a chance to inform Jasmine about her.

Xander wants to keep trying since she’s family, and he feels horrible that their father lied about her. Rose thinks they should leave Jasmine to the solicitor, but Xander wants to keep trying because she’s family.

Xander and Rose run meet Jasmine on their way out, and Xander discloses that Rose is his half-sister (making her Jasmine’s step-sister).

Rose says that they need to discuss Jasmine’s inheritance with her, but Jasmine isn’t interested—even if their story is accurate, she doesn’t want a penny from her father.

Jasmine asks Cash if he can run a background check on Xander and Rose to verify whether their narrative is true. Cash subsequently runs across Rose, who begs him to join her for another swim, despite the fact that he has no idea who she is.

Cash declines, which Rose interprets as a sign that he’s already been taken, but that doesn’t stop her from looking Cash out as he walks away. This might be awkward!

When Cash returns to Jasmine, he confirms that the narrative about Xander and Rose is correct. Despite this, Jasmine is sure that she would not be portraying happy families.

Jasmine hesitantly invites Xander back to the beach house, as Cash points out, because it may be her only chance to learn more about her father. Jasmine acknowledges that Xander shares her father’s appearance (as well as his name) and inquires about his parenting abilities.


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