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Home and Away’s Cash Newman to give Eden Fowler a surprising ultimatum

Another argument between the pair is brought on by Eden’s acquaintance with Remi.

Next week, Cash Newman from Home and Away will give his girlfriend Eden Fowler an unexpected ultimatum since Cash is bothered by Eden’s closeness with Remi Carter.

With their relationship appearing to be back on track after the aftermath from Eden’s recent engagement hoax, Cash and Eden will be shown in scenes broadcast on Channel 5 in the UK returning from a period of time apart.

When Eden’s closest friend Remi starts attracting Eden’s attention, it appears as though their relationship may once again be on rocky footing.

Cash can’t help but feel uneasy as he considers whether Remi and Eden might be a touch too close. Cash sees the close friends and Lyrik bandmates reconnect in happiness.

When Cash enters and sees Eden laughing with Remi while sitting on his lap, his anxieties only intensify. As he makes it known that he is not at all fine with the scenario, Cash swiftly becomes icy.

Eden instructs Remi to go and apologise to Cash right now because she is desperate for the two most important men in her life to get along. Eden finds herself further entangled between her feuding boyfriend and best friend when Remi is unimpressed by her demand.

Remi later apologises to Cash, but the policeman takes issue with his statements, and Cash makes it crystal clear that he wants to see less physical contact between Eden and Remi.

Remi is outraged, feeling that Cash has no business placing restrictions on their tight and enduring bond with Eden.

Eden is left anxiously attempting to mediate a settlement between the men as they continue to disagree, but Remi is unwilling to get involved, claiming that Cash’s relationship insecurities are solely his responsibility.

Eden then apologises to Cash and assures him that she will set some physical boundaries with Remi. She does, however, add that her friendship with Remi is unrivalled and that she would never renounce it for anyone.

Could Eden and Cash’s relationship come to a breaking point because of their connection with Remi?

Bree Cameron lately pushed Remi away out of fear, creating a new obstacle in their on-again, off-again affair, and Remi has been dealing with his own personal troubles with Bree.


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