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Home and Away ends Justin Morgan storyline after shocking scenes

Home and Away appears to have wrapped up the Vita Nova cult plot following the revelation of a startling new scheme to kill Justin Morgan.

In Thursday’s Australian episode, Justin almost avoided death once more at the hands of the evil doomsday preppers.

The owner of the garage was already getting well in the hospital after Vita Nova members abducted him and his partner, Leah Patterson, and left them for death.

Vita Nova didn’t stop there; she set up a man named Jordan to kill him by posing as a hospital staff and lying in wait.

In the most recent episode of the show, Jordan saw his opportunity when the police guard at Justin’s hospital room momentarily left his post due to distraction.

When the police guard came back just in time, the villain fled after attempting to suffocate Justin with a pillow due to distraction.

Luckily, Jordan was apprehended for his actions and failed to flee the hospital.


Jordan’s arrest had permanently destroyed the cult, Justin and Leah were later reassured by police officer Rose Delaney.

After Andrew Lawrence’s kidnapping, among other times, the couple had been given false optimism that Vita Nova had broken up.

“We found the new compound where Vita Nova set themselves up,” Rose clarified. Jordan’s ability to hide his trails was lacking.

“Overnight, a large number of people were arrested. I genuinely believe that the cult is about to end.”

After so many efforts to harm her family, Leah was suspicious, but Rose reassured her that “a lot” of evidence implicating her had been discovered at the new complex.

She continued: “There’s no way these people are getting out of jail time.”

Justin was optimistic as well, thinking that once the cult disintegrated, he and Leah could concentrate on getting married.

During their horror of being abducted, Leah proposed to Justin, and she has since clarified that this was not only a spontaneous proposal. Is the date of Summer Bay’s upcoming wedding known?

Following the Christmas break, Channel 5 will air these scenes for fans of Home and Away in the UK in January.


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