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Home and Away’s Xander and John anger Mackenzie in Salt drama

In upcoming scenes, Mackenzie Booth will be furious with Xander Delaney and John Palmer from Home and Away because they take advantage of her and the restaurant.

The team-building cocktail party for the Surf Club is scheduled to take place at Mackenzie’s restaurant, Salt, in scenes that will run on Channel 5 the following week.

John convinces the restaurant to host a few more lighthearted contests with rewards for the victors, but Mackenzie refuses to use any of the premium liquor before John has a chance to make a suggestion.

John suffers from a severe hangover the day after the incident, but Xander tells him that he smashed a pricey bottle of the restaurant’s whisky and declines to express his compassion.

Mackenzie quickly discovers that a bottle of whisky is gone, despite John’s best efforts to keep it a secret.

Even when Xander makes John confess in an attempt to do the right thing, this only serves to highlight the fact that he was allowing customers to assist themselves behind the bar.

Mackenzie believes she will have to postpone her vacation because she can no longer put her trust in Xander.


Even after John pays the entire cost of the whisky in the end, will Mackenzie still change his mind?

As their quarrel plot begins in Summer Bay amid Roo’s recuperation from the explosion, Marilyn Chambers is about to suffer a great deal at the hands of Roo Stewart.


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