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Neighbours Spoilers – Mackenzie launches custody battle for Trevor

A day after bidding his beloved Trevor farewell on Neighbours the following week, the groodle dog leaps back into his life. Will he stay there permanently due to a custody dispute?

Recently, Haz Devkar (Shiv Palekar), a relative newcomer to Neighbours, and the other tenants of the No. 32 sharehouse learned that Trevor, Haz’s cherished groodle puppy, actually belongs to someone else. This was the start of a devastating saga for Haz.

Last week, while Trevor was walking in the park with Byron (Xavier Molyneux), a woman called Alyssa approached him and excitedly declared that Trevor was actually her family dog, Bodie, who had vanished many months prior.

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The woman asked Byron to check behind Trevor’s ear, where she would see a noticeable brown birthmark, after Byron informed her she was wrong. She revealed that they had been looking for their lost dog for months, but had had no luck.

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Her birthmark claim was plausible, therefore it appeared that she was telling the truth.

However, the owner of Harold’s Café fired Byron after he went back to Ramsay Street and told Haz what had happened. He insisted that Alyssa had to be a liar because he thought she had been following them for weeks and had claimed possession of Trevor’s unique birthmark in false light.

In order to prevent Alyssa from seeing Trevor again, he made the decision to keep him an indoor-only dog. However, he consented to walk Trevor at night after Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) noted that it would be cruel to keep him indoors all the time.

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The following week, Haz falls in to peer pressure and phones Trevor’s former owner because she is tired of hiding him. With Mackenzie’s support, he informs Alyssa that she has no legal claim to Trevor and that he is now his legitimate owner after acquiring him from a rescue centre.

But when Alyssa requests a face-to-face meeting, Haz is conflicted because he knows it might not be the simple exchange he was looking for.

Emotionally charged pictures appear to show him and Mackenzie walking the dog for a final stroll on the beach before Trevor is seen driving away from Ramsay Street in the back of his former owners’ vehicle, suggesting that he finally agrees to give Trevor over.

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Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Tuesday, January 23, finds a sad Haz lamenting the death of his best friend. At No. 32, he is sitting on the sofa inconsolably, and neither Byron nor Mackenzie know how to comfort him.

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When Byron tries to convince Mac that buying Haz a new puppy is the solution, Mac feels compelled to tell him it’s not the right time to do so.

Then there’s a major shock. Haz is ecstatic as Trevor storms back into the sharehouse. His puppy has returned home!

But the reunion is bittersweet. Byron and Mackenzie realise they can’t keep Trevor, despite Haz’s argument that he obviously wants to stay with him rather than go back to his previous family. Before long, they’re phoning Alyssa to come take him up once more.

Haz is devastated after having to say goodbye to his best buddy twice in a short period of time.

The next day, concerned by her deep anguish and that of her love interest Haz, Mackenzie devises a scheme to negotiate Trevor’s custody split agreement with his former family.

She is, however, in for a shock when she meets the family’s father, who discloses that “Bodie” has been unhappy since they brought him home and offers Mackenzie an even more unexpected remedy.

Could Haz finally be going to get Trevor back?

Monday through Thursday, Network 10 and 10 Peach in Australia and Amazon Freevee in the UK both broadcast new episodes of Neighbours.

The following two weeks’ worth of Neighbours spoilers are listed:
Tuesday, January 16, 70 (Episode 8973)
Paul’s meddling puts Leo and Krista in a difficult situation.

Aaron thinks about his future besides David.

Nicolette lays her cards on the table, but she is far from done being humiliated.

January 17, Wednesday (Episode 8974 / 71)
Paul is not told the truth by Leo.

Nicolette is baffled by the growing danger.

Melanie takes risks and shows her vulnerabilities.

January 18, Thursday (Episode 8975 / 72)
Melanie’s experience prompts an unexpected choice.

Haz’s openness opens the door for a crucial discussion.

The Varga-Murphy household greets a newcomer.

Monday, January 22, (Episode 8976/73)
Chelsea, the newcomer, tries to conceal her ulterior motive.

Karl queries Melanie’s decision’s immaturity.

Haz gives the last possible sacrifice.

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Tuesday, January 23 (Episode 8977 / 74): Nicolette arranges a potentially dangerous encounter.

JJ is seduced by Chelsea into approaching her.

Haz can no longer take it anymore.

January 24, Wednesday (Episode 8978 / 75)
Nicolette finds herself in danger.

Paul takes a calculated risk by going after Krista.

Mackenzie steps in to save the day.

January 25, Thursday (Episode 8979 / 76)
Melanie discovers herself in a risky circumstance.

The sharehouse welcomes a fresh phase.

David and Aaron debate what comes next.

Monday, January 29th (Episode 8980 / 77): Chelsea makes her move.

Paul offers an enigmatic suggestion.

Terese struggles with her sense of morality.

Tuesday, January 30, 2019 (Episode 8981/78)
An unexpected guest surprises Nicolette.

Toadie does something.

Amazon Freevee / Jackson Finter

Paul enjoys a rare victory.

Wednesday, January 31st (Episode 8982 / 79): Cara is at her breaking point.

Chelsea experiences a setback.

A vacation of dreams swiftly becomes a nightmare.

Feb. 1, Thursday (Episode 8983 / 80)
A tragic catastrophe shakes the people of Ramsay Street.


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