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Home and Away airs major development for Lyrik’s future

A new chapter in Lyrik’s journey is set to begin in Home and Away following the group’s recent turmoil.

Kirby Aramoana’s unexpected comeback has moved the four-piece band one step closer to an official reunion.

After initially doubting Kirby’s desire to make a comeback, Remi Carter, her former bandmate, was finally won over by her on Tuesday’s show on Channel 7 in Australia.

Kirby’s solo career took off last week when she played at a well-received showcase event arranged by Forrest Duke, her new manager.

Unfortunately for Forrest’s lofty ambitions, Kirby quickly realised that playing without her Lyrik bandmates was just too uncomfortable and that she would much rather be back with them.

Kirby’s abrupt change of heart caused a lot of new issues because Forrest would not allow her to break the agreement she had signed to become a solo performer.

Remi, who was afraid Kirby would change her mind again, also said that she was wasting a fantastic chance and declined to be involved in any Lyrik revival.

On the other hand, Kirby demonstrated her devotion to Lyrik in Tuesday’s episode by announcing her homecoming on social media in a significant way.

Kirby announced to her ecstatic fans that she would be going back to Lyrik in the hopes that public pressure would get Forrest to renounce her contract.

Remi was also brought back to reality when he discovered that Justin Morgan, Lyrik’s manager, was hospitalised and fighting for his life following a terrifying kidnapping incident.

It was urged by Theo Poulos that “the band should get back together— for Justin.”

Remi informed the others, “All right, give me that thing,” as he returned to playing the guitar. Lyrik gets back up!”

Can the team get through their last obstacle and release Kirby from her contract?

After the Christmas break, fans of Home and Away in the UK will witness these scenes in January.


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