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Home and Away’s Marilyn Chambers left shocked by demand from Roo Stewart

Marilyn Chambers and her estranged pal Roo Stewart have had yet another acrimonious argument on Home and Away.

Recently, the two have become less visible on Australian television, with Roo vehemently holding Marilyn accountable for the damage she suffered in the explosion.

Earlier this year, Roo got caught in the crossfire when a bomb was delivered to Summer Bay as a corrupt cosmetics firm called Stunning Organics was targeting Marilyn.

From then on, Roo has held Marilyn accountable for both the initial involvement with Stunning Organics and the subsequent agitation of the company through a social media campaign.

Roo became concerned in Wednesday’s Channel 7 episode when she found out that her father Alf was scheduled to return home after visiting his wife Martha.

For Roo, who had ejected Marilyn from the Stewart residence while Alf was away, this was bad news.

Only because Alf thought Marilyn would be in charge of Roo’s care did he depart for his vacation; however, Roo had other plans and appointed newcomer Dana Matheson to take charge.

In an attempt to keep herself from being exposed for deceiving Alf, Roo persuaded Marilyn to accept a false narrative.

According to Roo’s suggestion, “We just tell him that it was your idea to move into Leah’s.”

Roo angrily remarked, “Well, hey Marilyn, you keep telling me what a good friend you are to me,” as Marilyn sneered at the notion. Your moment to demonstrate it is now.”

Will Marilyn heed the warning from her old friend?

After the show’s Christmas break, viewers of Home and Away in the UK will be able to watch these scenes on Channel 5 in January.


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