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Guy Pearce breaks his silence on whether he’ll return to Neighbours after Amazon saved the soap from cancellation

Amazon has kept Neighbours from being cancelled, but it’s possible that Guy Pearce won’t be returning to Ramsay Street.

Despite playing Mike Young again in Ten’s “farewell episode,” the 55-year-old actor told the Daily Telegraph on Thursday that it was “impossible to say” whether he would ever return to the soap opera.

I’m happy for everyone that it’s coming back, but it’s also kind of strange, isn’t it?

Pearce remarked.

“When you’re about to finish something and it comes back to life.” We must determine what that means for each and every person, I guess.

He responded, “I don’t know,” when the newspaper questioned if it would take another finale to convince him to return to Ramsay Street. It’s impossible to say. It’s all too speculative right now.

It happens only a day after Pearce made a playful jab at a soap opera that was picked up by Amazon months after creators announced the show was being cancelled.


The actor, who is based in Amsterdam, admitted he thought it was hilarious while flying to Australia to take part in what was supposed to be the “grand finale” on Wednesday night at the AACTA Awards in Sydney.

‘Isn’t it difficult to watch, though? Realizing that there won’t be another episode ever? A heartbreaking reminder that the things we cherish can be taken from us and never replaced, Pearce said.

Unless Amazon intervenes to save the day and makes our conclusion appear to be a fairly pricey exercise, he continued.

The series veteran Margot Robbie, who gave the pricey gift to producers as a farewell gift, will be overjoyed to have her 37 bottles of champagne back, the English-born actor said.

I’d prefer not to use the word “wasted.” But even so, I’m positive Margot will be pleased,” he joked.

From 1986 through 1989, Pearce starred in the long-running series as Scott’s best buddy Mike Young, who was portrayed by Jason Donovan.

Producers persuaded the actor to make one final trip back to Ramsay Street in July.

Just four months after the final episode of Neighbours, which aired in July, was broadcast, it was revealed last month that the show had been salvaged.


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