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Neighbours planning a continuation and the start of something new…

Regarding its recent Neighbours reboot, Amazon has commented, telling Variety that it intends to uphold the same level of quality and production values while also building a universe that delivers something fresh to a worldwide audience.

“We are continuing the show to at least the same level of what people have adored for 37 years,” said Lauren Anderson, head of AVOD original content and programming for Amazon Studios. For us, maintaining the show’s popularity among fans who already enjoy it is of utmost importance.

Head of Licensed Content at Amazon FreeVee U.K. is Shahina O’Mahoney. According to the site, there are “two realities” at play when putting Neighbours on Freevee in various tettiroties, despite the fact that Judy Justice has some experience launching daily shows on the platform.

“[It was about] realising how popular a show like this is in the U.K. How can we unite the entire Amazon company to make this work for customers throughout the world given that we know there are opportunities in places like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand? “, says her. The benefit of having a service that is both in front of and behind the barrier is that we can offer the show to Freevee subscribers who may or may not have a Prime Video membership as well as to customers in countries where Freevee hasn’t yet launched.

More specific plot outlines for the upcoming season are presently being developed, and according to Anderson, they will be finalised by the end of the first quarter of 2019.

What we’re debating right now is what we want the first season’s arc to be. How can we design a world that is both a continuation of the present and the beginning of something new? “, the executive declares. “Because that’s really all there is to it: the plot will in many ways reflect what’s happening with the series. It is a continuation, however it is in a different location.


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