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12 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

Following her recent encounters with Samuel, Rose and Xander become tense on Home and Away the following week, and Mali quickly regrets getting involved.

In another instance, Cash runs the risk of losing control of the scenario involving Harper and Dana as Tane advises Felicity that they should relocate.

This is the complete list of the 12 significant upcoming events.

  1. Theo is prepared to quit the band.

With Lyrik about to take an indefinite leave of absence, Theo gets ready to head back to his mechanics course. Despite having been fired from the position for acting in an unprofessional manner the previous time, Justin offers to look into the prospect of working as Theo’s tutor once more.

Leah openly wonders if Theo is making the correct decision because she observes that he appears apprehensive about returning to his apprenticeship. Theo makes the point that, given Lyrik’s inability to perform, it is important to be realistic, even though she believes her nephew is too gifted to give up on his dream so simply.

  1. Rose attempts to reconcile with Xander

Mali attempts to support Rose in her most recent argument with her brother, but Xander tells him to back off and quit meddling. Mali appears to be making matters worse, so Rose advises him to avoid getting involved in the dispute.

Afterwards, Rose attempts to explain her strategy to her father Samuel—who has been missing for a long time—when she has a conversation with Xander. Rose has stirred up so many emotions that Xander is upset that she is breaking up with Samuel, but will he finally see it after hearing her side of the story?

  1. Rose reconsiders her stance on Samuel

Rose goes to see her mother Yvette to get her version of events regarding the reason she ended their relationship with Samuel all those years ago. Rose now knows why her mother was so terrified and perplexed at the moment after hearing what Yvette had to say.

Mali talks to Rose about the matter with kindness and concern. Inspired, Rose says she wants to see Samuel again, and this time she wants Mali to accompany her.

  1. Marilyn is agitated by Roo’s severe outburst.

Roo’s friends and family are eager to spend time with her now that she is recuperating in the Northern Districts Hospital, which is closer to home. Roo is friendly and open to everyone, with the exception of Marilyn.

Alf and Marilyn surmise that Roo is furious since Marilyn neglected to pay her a visit while she was in the city hospital. But Roo quickly corrects the record, saying that she doesn’t want Marilyn to pay her any visits and that she believes her buddy is to fault for Roo’s current state of affairs.

  1. Roo explains her position.

Marilyn makes every effort to express her regret to Roo for her part in the Stunning Organics story, which set off the catastrophic series of events that led to the explosion. Marilyn’s reasons are rejected by Roo, who also sends her out of the hospital.

When Alf and Mali come to visit, Roo greets them warmly and thanks Mali for saving her life. Roo realises that while everyone else seems to have moved on with their lives, she still needs to undergo a lengthy recuperation process, while Mali appears to be returning to his normal self.

  1. John lands Xander in hot water

A drunken gathering at Salt results in John inadvertently shattering a bottle of premium whisky. Before Mac notices that the bottle is missing, Xander begs John to tell her the truth the following morning.

As John keeps putting things off, Mac realises something is up and demands an explanation, which leads to the inevitable. John is compelled to acknowledge everything, and Xander admits that he was allowing customers to serve themselves at the bar.

Mac’s confidence in Xander has been shaken, and instead of putting him in charge, she is thinking about delaying her vacation.

  1. Eden pens an incredibly sincere song.

Eden and Remi go on a songwriting journey together and look for inspiration. Since Lyrik can no longer perform its own back catalogue, the onus is on to produce some massive hits.

Eden’s sentiments of betrayal at Kirby leaving the band inspire her to begin crafting a personal song. Eden is hesitant because she knows Kirby will be hurt if she hears it, but Remi is impressed and believes it might be the breakthrough song that rescues Lyrik.

  1. Kirby’s creative authority is gone

Kirby convinces Forrest to allow her to give the record label some ideas for her solo project. Kirby is disappointed to learn that none of her proposals are accepted and she may not have as much influence as she had hoped for.

Kirby confides in Justin about the differences in vision between herself and the label. The new solo arrangement appears to be in danger already.

  1. Madden poses a threat to Cash

As he works to bring down DS Madden, Cash talks with the police’s anti-corruption squad, but he becomes agitated when no one is available to speak with him for another week.

By paying Cash a visit at his house and threatening to arrest him as soon as he finds Dana, Madden puts more pressure on Cash.

  1. Upon her return, Irene discovers a runaway

Upon Irene’s return to Summer Bay, she quickly learns that Harper has been assisting her sister Dana in hiding away in the house. Feeling conflicted, she seeks the advice of Cash, who supports the Matheson sisters but makes it clear that Irene would be breaking the law if she assisted them.

Irene grants Dana permission to remain, pointing out that her house has always served as a haven for those in need, even if she might suffer repercussions if this comes back to haunt her.

  1. Dana vanishes

When Madden goes to Irene’s house in search of Dana, Irene tells him to leave as he doesn’t have a warrant. Unfortunately, Madden doesn’t take long to return with the necessary formal clearance.

Dana hastily leaves her hiding spot and surrenders to Madden when he places Harper under custody. Dana is brought in for questioning by Madden and his dishonest associate Fletcher, but they later vanish from the police station.

Fearing for their lives, Cash, Irene, and Harper wonder what the deadly couple has done to Dana.

  1. Tane and Felicity think of relocating

Tane tells Felicity that he wants them to purchase a piece of property in New Zealand. Tane thinks the plot they are interested in is in the ideal location and is already available at a price within their budget.

Felicity says she’s cool with the idea after giving it some thought, and the eager couple waits to find out if their offer will be accepted.


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