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11 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week What’s next in Summer Bay?

Coming up on Home and Away, Felicity fears she’s fighting a losing a battle to save her marriage to Tane.

Elsewhere, the verdict is in for Irene, and Leah hides the truth about her disturbing dreams from Justin.

Here’s a full collection of 11 big moments coming up.

Felicity lashes out at Mackenzie

Felicity loudly accuses Mackenzie of betraying her, furious because Tane has discovered her baby lie.

Eden attempts to defuse their tensions, but Cash is uncaring, informing Felicity that she is solely responsible for the situation she finds herself in.

Tane is convinced that their marriage is gone, even if Mac worries if he could forgive his wife.

 Felicity begs for Tane’s forgiveness

Felicity and Tane soon come face to face, and she pleads with him to give her a second chance.

It’s no use though, as Tane tells Felicity she has broken his heart and he has nothing more to say to her.

Is there any going back for the couple?

Irene fears the worst

Things are looking bad when Irene’s lawyer informs John, Harper, and Dana that the magistrate she will be seeing is stern.

The prosecution goes all out, asking for Irene to receive the maximum punishment of seven years, and the hearings are still in progress when the magistrate declares his judgment.

Irene is completely unprepared for her lawyer’s desperate appeal that her client be given the opportunity to speak.

The verdict is in for Irene

Irene takes the stand and speaks from the heart, justifying her reasons for protecting Dana.

Afterwards, the magistrate adjourns for the day, leaving Irene convinced she’s going to prison.

Thankfully her fears are unfounded, and the following morning the magistrate exonerates Irene, with all charges against her dropped.

 Leah is haunted by the past

While Justin is still recuperating, Leah is having terrible dreams about their experience with Vita Nova.

Leah phones the police in the middle of the night after awakening to the sound of sounds, but Rose quickly assures her that there is no fear since all members of the cult have been taken into custody.

Rose suggests Leah get more help the following morning at the Coffee Cart, but it doesn’t go down well.

Roo hatches a crafty plan

Thrilled Though Roo is afraid her father would say no, she tells Marilyn that the Coastal News would like to publish an article about Alf’s Distinguished Service Award.

Alf declines the interview request, as is customary, but Roo is determined that he should receive the credit he merits.

She wants to have the questions forwarded to her in a cunning attempt to respond to them while posing as Alf.

As part of his scheme, Roo asks Mali to snap a picture of Alf with his award under the guise of having it published in the club newsletter.

As Marilyn becomes aware of her friend’s activities, she cautions her against them.

Alf flips his lid and demands that his daughter get the published story withdrawn, but Roo won’t listen.

Justin puts a ring on it

Following his discharge from the hospital, Justin gives Theo a job to choose the ideal engagement ring for Leah at a Yabbie Creek jeweler. After completing their mission, Justin proposes to Leah over a candlelit dinner at Salt, and the two of them are overjoyed. However, Leah has more severe dreams later that night, and when Justin wakes up, he finds it distressing that she has taken off her ring.

Leah lies to Justin

Fearing that Leah may back out of their engagement, Justin confides in Alf, who makes every effort to allay his worries.

Leah attempts to allay his worries as well, stating that she is merely anxious over the thought of organizing a wedding.

Leah confides in Bree about her dreams, and the doctor grants her request to take medication.

On the walk home, Leah runs into Justin, but she chooses not to tell him about her nightmares rather than being honest.

Lyrik are back

Xander accepts Remi and Kirby’s proposal for Lyrik to perform at a show at Salt that night.

After playing to a sold-out audience, Lyrik is left feeling euphoric about the event’s success.

As Bree accepts Remi’s invitation to his parents’ wedding anniversary celebration, things are also improving in his romantic life.

Tane drops a bombshell

Felicity leaves quickly to avoid getting into another altercation after spotting Tane holding up the bar during the Lyrik performance.

When Tane visits the house the next day to pick up additional belongings, he announces that he has canceled their plan to buy their New Zealand acreage. When Felicity witnesses Mackenzie giving Tane the keys to her house, she is distraught and things get worse.

She accuses Mac of picking sides, but her business partner quickly corrects Flick, telling her that her situation is entirely self-inflicted.


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