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HOME AND AWAY: Tane and Felicity’s wedding day is near, but is all as it seems?

As the date of Tane and Felicity’s wedding draws near, love is on people’s minds all across Summer Bay, not just in their own hearts.
This week on Home And Away, it’s clear that Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) and Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) are in love, but neither one is eager to speak about it.
Felicity, a future bride, makes the decision to assist her closest friend Eden despite having to make some last-minute alterations to her own special day (Jacqui Purvis).

Finding out where Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) intends to have the buck’s party for his uncle Tane is the first step (Ethan Browne).
Then, she succeeds in persuading Eden that her planned hen’s night karaoke bus tour might not be such a wonderful idea after all. It might be more enjoyable to dance in a bar one last time as a single woman.
But will Felicity’s strategy bring the duo closer together or drive them apart?

Stephanie tells TV WEEK that Eden and Cash have a long history and connection.
Nick and I are very interested in creating authenticity. I believe the locations will excite viewers.
Eden realises it was all a set-up when the two parties “accidentally” cross paths and turns to alcohol to numb her humiliation.
Cash, on the other hand, thinks Eden altered the plans in an effort to get him to realise he does, after all, like her.
Even if it’s exactly the joyful accident Flick had envisioned, would they still meet and allow Cupid’s arrow to find its target? Or will any prospect of their getting together be destroyed by their mutual resentment at being misled?

Further, this week…
Bree has taken care to keep her affections for guitarist Remi, with whom she has had an affair, a secret because her domineering husband Jacob is constantly watching her.
The doctor, however, decides that it is time to make the plunge on dry land as well after a session in the surf and announces that she is getting a divorce. Bree (Juliet Godwin) and Remi (Adam Rowland) are going on a very public date as a way to celebrate.
According to Adam, 31, “Remi’s initial emotion is satisfaction that Bree is able to take the necessary steps to free herself from the poisonous relationship.”
Although dangerous, the date holds special significance for him. He’s falling for a woman, and she wants to be with him.
Bree’s hotel room is stormed by Jacob (Alex Williams), who insists that she leave Summer Bay for good after he finds out about their relationship.
Jacob overwhelms Remi and ties him to a chair when he comes to save the lady he loves. Then he offers Bree a scary option: leave right away or watch as hammer blows to her new boyfriend’s hands damage his chances of becoming a musician.
Bree, who is afraid, is unsure about what to do, but Remi knows just what to do.
Adam explains, “He’s just thinking, “Whatever you do, don’t turn that hammer on Bree.”
Please don’t hurt her, even if you smash both of my hands.
Channel Seven airs Home and Away Monday through Thursday at 7 p.m.


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