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Home and Away fans threaten to boycott show over new romance

No everyone is happy with Tane’s latest decision.

Fans of Home and Away have expressed dissatisfaction with the possibility of a new Summer Bay romance; some have even threatened to quit the program if a new coupling were to form in 2024.

Over the last year or so, fans have experienced a rollercoaster ride with the beloved couple Tane (Ethan Browne) and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis). The couple’s marriage ended abruptly because of disagreements about whether or not to have children.

Despite their continued admission of love, Tane and Felicity are unable to back down from their positions; Tane is eager to have a family, while Felicity has always been clear that she does not want children.

They reached some closure on last night’s episode, but it was Tane’s quick pivot to kissing Harper (Jessica Redmayne) during their training session that has left fans enraged.

Tane and Harper struck up a friendship when she moved to the Bay and started doing PT sessions with him, but fans aren’t quite buying that there’s chemistry between the two.

After Tane kissed Harper when she was talking about valuing their friendship, causing her to run off, fans were outraged that he was trying to move on so fast from Felicity.

With the show posing the question, “Has Tane ruined his friendship with Harper?” many fans joked that they “hope so”.

One fan said, “I will stop watching this show if these two get together after watching it from the beginning.” Another admirer said, “I’m not watching anymore if they get together.”

“No, I’m not interested in him and Harper dating. He’s not her type. He looks good in flick. Go ahead, “said another enthusiast.

Nooooo!! I’d rather see Harper with John or Alf 🤣 Tane belongs with Flick,” one fan said, getting, uh creative with their match-making.

However, not everyone was team Tane and Felicity.

“He deserves someone who treats him nice and isn’t all about themselves with far less drama so whoever he gets with got to be better than Felicity,” one person said.

“I really want them [Tane and Harper] together!,” another enthused. “I hope she realises she likes him too.”


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