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Home and Away star Angelina Thomson shares ‘vulnerable’ post over emotional scene

The actress says the scene was ‘one of the proudest moments’ in her career.

Born in the Cook Islands, actress Angelina Thomson wrote a heartfelt message following the premiere of a scene she claims is dear to her.

Because it honored her culture, the Home and Away actress called it “one of the proudest and most vulnerable moments” of her career to yet.
Her character Kirby was shown in the widely watched Channel 7 drama keeping a hospital bedside vigil for Remi (Adam Rowland), who is fighting for his life following a motorcycle accident.

Kirby joins Bree (Juliet Godwin) in a moving Cook Islander spiritual song, declaring that she wants to sing to give Remi courage.

Sharing a video of the scene on Instagram, Thomson explained the personal significance of the moment.

“I’ve experienced both vulnerability and pride at this moment on @homeandaway thus far. At least thus far in my profession,” she remarked.

While my comprehension of Cook Island Māori is still limited, I did not acquire fluency in the language growing up.

“My mother played Cook Island music in the car and at home, taught me how to hula, and I loved hearing her speak Reo.

“But I never really tried to learn the language when I was younger, and I’m sure a lot of people who are biracial feel the same regret I do now.”

Thomson says that, because of this, she had never “felt more vulnerable performing” than she did on the day she filmed the scene.

“It wasn’t about the singing or the acting,” she said.

“I was nervous that my pronunciation was wrong and I’d mix up the words.

“It felt like I was shedding layers to reveal more of Angelina, rather than wearing more of them to create a character.

“It felt important. To the storyline. To my culture. To me as a biracial woman now.

“To baby Angelina, never seeing that on TV and in movies. To future Polynesian kids seeing themselves. So many things!

“It’s a really vulnerable and beautiful thing. And that’s why it means so much to me now.”

The actress says she still has much to learn about her “beautiful” culture and is excited for the journey.

She says that, growing up, it seemed impossible there would ever be “Cook Island representation” on the small screen.

“Now being able to represent the Cook Islands and Polynesia like this… I am so very proud,” she said.

Co-stars and followers took to the comments to express congratulatory messages.

“Amazing work Ange ❤️,” actress Juliet Godwin said.

“Proud of you @angelinathomson. Iconic moment right there 👏🏽 Proud of our show ❤️,” Home and Away’s hair and make-up designer Laura Vazquez said.

“You did such a wonderful job and although I sadly didn’t understand any of the words, it was a very touching moment!” a viewer wrote.

“Such a special scene to watch!” added another


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