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11 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

Justin’s life is in jeopardy as Vita Nova exacts its retribution in the upcoming UK finale of Home and Away.

In other scenes, Kirby wants Lyrik to get back together, Felicity surprises Tane with a pregnancy announcement, and Irene ends up in jail.

Here is the complete set of 11 incredible moments.

  1. Mali is claimed by Zara

Zara, the ‘promised bride’ of Mali, is establishing her presence in Summer Bay by letting Rose know that she was the surfer’s first love.

Zara reminds Mali of his pledge to wait for her, despite his insistence that they are nothing more than the past. She then interrupts his breakfast appointment with Rose to carry on her pursuit of him.

Later, Zara escalates the situation by calling Mali’s mother and reminding her of his duty to assist a buddy in need. Mali informs Rose that he must comply with Zara’s request and allow her to remain at his house for as long as she desires.

  1. Remi is still having difficulties

Remi confesses to Bree that he’s not enjoying his job as a session musician, and a black cloud is hovering over him.


Bree discovers her partner restless and upset, a result of the exhausting late hours spent at the studio.

Bree promises to support Remi, telling him that if his mental state hasn’t improved in the following few weeks, he will seek professional assistance.

  1. When Marilyn offers Roo peace, Roo declines.

Though Leah and Justin have won a luxurious hotel holiday, Marilyn wants to stay and support her during her problems with Roo. Justin is excited to leave.

After finally convincing the pair to leave, Marilyn heads to Roo’s in the hopes that they will declare a truce.

However, Alf’s daughter informs Marilyn that she is searching for a nurse to take Alf’s place since she doesn’t want to know.

Roo employs Dana.

Dana promptly updates her resume and goes over for an interview as soon as she learns that Roo needs a nurse.

Roo decides to grant Dana the role despite her admission of being suspected of theft from her previous work, which she chose to be honest about.

Later, when Dana shows up prepared to work, she is shocked to see Marilyn in distress—she had just been kicked out by Roo.

Then, Maz begs Dana to watch after Roo on her behalf and let her know if there are any changes, which puts Dana in a difficult situation.

  1. Marilyn takes a leave of absence from Roo

Dana tells Roo that she probably needs someone to be there for her around-the-clock as they go over her care plan.

obstinate Roo is adamant that she can handle things on her own, but Dana is persuaded otherwise and confides in Marilyn that she needs her friendship.

Marilyn comes to the regrettable realisation that she must permanently remove herself from Roo’s life when she rejects her once more.

  1. Felicity decides to rethink her mind

After being suspended from police service, Cash finds himself aimless and resolves to meet Tane.

Brooding Tane confides in his partner over a drink, saying that he’s having trouble accepting Felicity’s decision to forgo having children.

Tane quickly confesses his thoughts to his wife, but he quickly apologises and says he hopes they never have to talk about it again.

But Flick is adamant about making her marriage work, and she surprises Tane by saying she’s prepared to try for a child. Is it really what she wants, though?

  1. Kirby’s big night is tonight.

Kirby is rather anxious in the lead-up to her big solo debut. Organising a limousine to pick up Kirby and decking the space with eye-catching photographs of her, Forrest goes all out for the occasion.

While travelling, Theo stops by Remi and Eden’s house to try to convince them to come. However, still hurt by Kirby’s abandonment, they advise him to travel alone.

The crowd is large for the gig, but Kirby’s mind is consumed by Remi and Eden’s absence as she looks out at the crowd.

  1. Kirby desires for the band to reunite.

Eden and Remi feel terrible for not standing by Kirby as she gets ready to perform.

Kirby is ecstatic when they arrive for her, but when she declines to participate in any post-show interviews, she incurs Forrest’s fury.

Kirby tells her former bandmates she wants to return to Lyrik as she joins them for a drink. Though irritated Remi scoffs at the notion and considers Lyrik dead to him, Eden and Theo are game.

  1. Justin and Leah are in serious danger

As it turns out, Vita Nova deceived Justin and Leah into believing they were abandoned in a deserted warehouse to die, their peaceful weekend getaway has become a horrible nightmare.

After spending days imprisoned within the shuttered plant, Justin gathers the last of his energy to attempt to free them.

He climbs the rafters with a ladder, but then something terrible happens—he takes a terrible fall and is rendered comatose.

  1. Irene gets detained

John asks Irene for aid in order to divert her attention from thinking about her impending trial and is tasked with planning a celebration to honour Alf’s many years of work at the Surf Club.

John tries his hardest to divert Irene’s attention, but she can’t help but worry about what might happen to her.

Sadly, when Rose shows up at the Diner the next morning and puts Irene under arrest, her worst fears are realised.

Will Justin pass away?

Leah tries to assist Justin back in the warehouse by taking the weight of the fallen debris off his chest, but it’s obvious that he’s seriously hurt.

Leah comes up with a second escape strategy and decides to attempt climbing the walls as her partner begins to gasp for breath.

Leah sobs and asks Justin to marry her as she holds him for what might be the last time ever. But will their engagement end terribly soon?


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