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EastEnders’ Jack Branning to confront Linda Carter over baby secret

A tense encounter between Jack Branning and Linda Carter is set to appear on EastEnders shortly, as the secret Linda and her husband Mick are concealing regarding their kid (who is actually Max’s) threatens to be revealed.

In upcoming scenes, Stuart and Rainie argue about Abi, who has vanished from the Square with Max, with Linda stepping in to console her, despite her fears that Rainie and Max could discover the baby’s real origins.

Violet points out to Rainie – Max’s ex-wife and former sister-in-law – that Linda appears to be unusually large for how far along in her pregnancy she is supposed to be.

That evolves into a recon operation, when she visits Linda for a cup of tea and then searches through her hospital bag for further information when Linda isn’t in the room.

As Mick and Linda argue over whether or not Rainie is suspicious of the baby, Jack storms into The Vic, demanding to know the truth about whether or not the kid is his brother’s.

How much does he know now since he overheard Linda earlier, and can the couple persuade him that the kid is theirs?

Jon Sen, the show’s executive producer, has suggested that it won’t be a secret for long, but are they really going to make it public now?

There are a lot more nail-biting duff-duffs in the horizon, we believe…


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