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Home and Away stars Ada Nicodemou and James Stewart are finally able to see their families at Christmas after being separated by Covid

Ada Nicodemou is looking forward to Christmas this year despite being unable to visit family and friends for the most of the year due to COVID-19 limitations.

The 44-year-old actress from House and Away revealed to TV Week that she will be hosting Christmas at her home.

It will be a modest family event, she added, with simply her son Johnas, nine, and her partner Adam Rigby, 51, as well as her mother and brother in attendance.

There will be “a lot of food, kids playing, and all of us simply enjoying one other’s company,” as she claims she has learnt from the worldwide pandemic’s effects.

‘I reside in an area that the NSW government designated as a source of worry at one point, so I was forced into a holiday via lockdown, so I felt pretty refreshed [at work] while everyone else was fatigued!’

‘However, I was lucky in that I was able to spend some quality time with my family, calm down, and contemplate.’ It certainly makes you reconsider your priorities in life.

Meanwhile, her co-star James Stewart, his nine-year-old daughter Scout, and his wife Sarah Roberts are preparing to see his extended family now that the borders have been opened.


‘We’ll go down to Melbourne to meet Scout’s mother [Jessica Marais] and celebrate Christmas there, then fly up to the Gold Coast to see my family,’ he explained.

Ada hailed her four-year boyfriend, businessman Adam, for being such a wonderful stepfather to her kid earlier this year.

Chrys Xipolitas, Ada’s ex-husband, shares custody of Johnas.

Ada previously told TV Week that she’d been more outspoken as she’d gotten older and as a result of the epidemic.

‘I’m not sure what it is, but something about this year – or perhaps my age – has thrown my give-a-s**t radar out the window.’

‘I simply said to myself, “I’m just going to say what I want to say,” and let’s get back to fundamentals and bring empathy and compassion back into our lives.’


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