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Coronation Street fans spot towel ‘mistake’ in Gail’s return story

Fans of Coronation Street were overjoyed to see Gail Rodwell (Helen Worth) return to the show.

After suffering a mild heart attack earlier this year, the soap icon abandoned the cobblestones in quest of a new life.

She told her loved ones at the time that she would return to the eponymous street, and she did, much to the pleasure of spectators, on Wednesday (September 23).

Gail’s return is timed to coincide with Norris Cole’s (Malcolm Hebden) burial, which she will attend with her mother Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) in forthcoming scenes.

Audrey was thrilled to be able to focus her attention on her daughter, who entered No.8 with a cap on her head, as if she was self-conscious about her hair.

Gail went upstairs after settling in and returned with a towel on her head, indicating that she had bathed her hair.

Fans, on the other hand, were perplexed, with some stating that Gail’s hair was completely dry.


‘What we need to know is why Gail has a towel on her hair when her hair is dry,’ one admirer commented, while another added, ‘What we need to know is why Gail has a towel on her hair when her hair is dry?’

One social media user wondered, ‘Did Gail only wash half of her hair?’

‘Why has Gail got that stupid towel on her head, her hair is dry!,’ screamed another spectator.

While some fans believed the scenario was a’mistake,’ it’s possible Gail just used a quick-dry towel.

In any case, it’s wonderful to have her back!

It’s unclear how long she’ll be staying, but let’s hope it’s a long time, because the cobblestones haven’t been the same without her!

She could have to go soon, though, if she finds herself on the receiving end of Audrey’s fury when a major secret is revealed during Norris’ burial tonight!


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