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25 soap spoilers: Coronation Street Nina’s new project, EastEnders Gray’s next victim, Emmerdale scheme, Hollyoaks murder

Next week, a lot of fresh chances present themselves for some of the soap’s most important characters, and let’s just say they don’t spend any time seizing them!

In Coronation Street, Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher) makes a big choice about her future, while in Emmerdale, Kim Tate (Claire King) makes Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) an offer.

Meanwhile, in Hollyoaks, a nasty stalker named Timmy Simons (Sam Tutty) confronts Juliet Nightingale (Niamh Blackshaw) and throws her down a flight of stairs!

After that, he considers permanently silencing her. Will he be successful?

Gray Atkins (Toby-Alexander Smith) sets his sights on Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) in EastEnders, and the two resolve to make things work. Whitney, on the other hand, has no idea how deadly Gray is.

It’s a big week for many of your favourite soap stars, and if you want to know more about what’s coming up, we’ve compiled a list of 25 must-see events!

Coronation Street

  1. Imran is taken aback when Sabeen asks him to accompany her on Harvey Gaskell’s appeal case, alluding to his location on the night of Corey and Kelly’s judgement. He thinks she’ll turn to extortion, but he stands firm in his belief that Harvey should remain in prison. Toyah doubts the former lovers’ closeness and asks Imran if he is cheating on her with his ex. Is Imran going to tell it how it is?
  1. It’s Kelly’s sentencing day, and Imran gives yet another outstanding statement, pleading with the judge to take Kelly’s mental health and difficult childhood into account. Meanwhile, Kevin is furious with Sabeen.
  2. David informs the school about Daniel’s assault on Max. Daniel is called in for a meeting with the deputy director, and while he apologises for snatching Max’s jacket, he insists the youngster took his wallet. Shona may not agree with David’s actions, but that doesn’t stop him from filing a police report on Daniel! Meanwhile, Max attempts to use a bank card in Dev’s business, but it is denied.
  1. Audrey is devastated by Rita’s treachery, and Shona’s words provide some solace. In the meanwhile, Gail throws her mother a birthday party and invites Rita, but Audrey is insulted by the so-called “old woman” presents she receives. Audrey arrives, but she isn’t interested in burying the hatchet, so she goes to her car. However, she quickly makes a loud noise as she reverses into Rita’s car!
  2. Corey is promoted to the first team and assigned to the bench for the following game. Kevin is furious, and he determines that his County teammates must be informed that they are playing with a murderer. Tim and Kevin speak with County’s manager, but he quickly reminds them that Corey was found not guilty. Stefan pays Corey a visit after learning about Kevin’s attempts to smear his name.

6.Roy urges Nina to pursue a creative outlet, and she considers returning to Underworld, but she subsequently learns that she has been replaced. Nina decides to study fashion at Weatherfield College after some deliberation, and she invites Asha to model several items, despite the fact that they are only friends. When Asha is alone, she bursts into tears, so Aadi advises she find someone else to date.

  1. Danny informs James that he overheard Ed discussing a cash flow issue, which perplexes him. When James presses Ed and Aggie for the truth, they disclose that Grace compelled them to give her their house and do the renovations for free if they wanted to keep seeing Glory. James is completely speechless!


  1. Scarlett discovers Zack in the living room after staying the night, much to Kat’s chagrin, and Janine is forced to explain herself. She vows to find a new career and reorganise her life for her kid, and when she notices Frankie trying to deal with the crowd in the Vic, she sees an opening. Frankie agrees to give her a trial shift, Janine steps behind the bar, and all is well in Walford once more!
  1. Gray invites Whitney out to dinner, but she rejects, stating that she still has nightmares about Kush. She’s also irritated because Jen tells her she’s blown her shot at success. Gray, on the other hand, poses as her manager and speaks with Jen. Jen informs Whitney that she is on the line-up for her entertainment showcase as a result of his efforts. Whitney softens and tells Gray that they may try it, but that they should do it slowly.
  2. When Harvey learns that Dana plans to skip college, he is furious, but she justifies her decision. He seeks assistance from Bobby, hoping that he can persuade Dana to take her place at university. Bobby grudgingly agrees, but his efforts have a disastrous outcome.
  3. Isaac informs Sheree that the school has informed him that he may resume employment, and that he understands that she was only trying to do what was best for him. Sheree is divided, and she feels even more alienated when the family throws a housewarming celebration for Lola and Isaac.
  4. In the aftermath of Mick’s charges, Bernie’s alarm bells ring. She’s suspicious, but Keegan swears to assist his sister in discovering the truth. After Tiffany intervenes to defuse the situation, Keegan realises he went too far and realises he went too far. Rainie agrees to a drug test after he apologises.
  5. Tiffany and Keegan agree to be friends, but she subsequently receives a letter from him stating that their joint account has been frozen, which irritates her. She and Whitney order drinks, and a bottle of champagne is delivered to their table. But where did it come from?
  6. Zack runs into Martin and persuades him to have a drink with him. After that, he demands that Martin join him and Sharon in their home. Meanwhile, Sharon gives Martin some advise and provides him with the contact information for a divorce lawyer. Martin, on the other hand, is taken aback when the lawyer disparages a client’s bumbling ex-husband!


  1. Liam has been acting strangely since he started working at Hotten General, and Leyla is alarmed when she learns he doesn’t work there. She senses he’s concealing something, and she’s certain he’s having an affair with Bernice after seeing him place flowers in the back of his car! Leyla and Priya trail him to a house with a for sale sign on the front lawn.
  2. Paddy is concerned that Kim will report him for horse-doping, but Kim hasn’t made up her mind yet. Later, Kim begs him to drug her racing horse once more, but Al overhears them having a private chat and blackmails Paddy!
  1. When Chloe describes her home line to Sarah and Noah, she breaks down in tears, but Noah tries to soothe her. He promises to stay quiet about Sarah’s meetings with Chloe in the future, but only if he may attend their future gatherings. Sarah notices Noah has a thing for Chloe.
  2. Bob asks Marlon for an update on April in the wake of her trolling incident, but he refuses. Meanwhile, Rhona learns that her assault allegation has been assigned a court date.
  3. Harriet admits that she hasn’t felt a sense of purpose since DI Malone’s death, but she is moved when PC Swirling reminds her that the police are recruiting and that she should consider re-joining the force.
  4. Chas fights back tears as she tells Faith and Liv about Grace’s upcoming anniversary.


  1. Timmy is anxious to gain Peri’s attention, so he uses his hand as an excuse to see her in the hospital. Meanwhile, Juliet discovers that her lover has a stalker, and after seeing them together, she realises it’s Timmy! Timmy thinks that dramatic action is required when she makes an accusation, and he knocks her down a flight of stairs! After that, he pays her a visit in the hospital and considers permanently silencing her.
  1. Shaq and Imran track out Misbah’s former roommate, who would’ve known her when Shaq was born, and plan a reunion; however, Misbah discovers what her children are doing to and instead meets with Shaq, berating him for intruding in her life. She gets into a furious fight with Shaq, and in an attempt to persuade him to stop looking, she informs him that his father is no longer alive!
  2. Ali makes a play on Mandy, but when Misbah sees her all dolled up for her appointment with the doctor, she warns her not to become involved with Ali. Will Mandy heed Misbah’s counsel?
  3. Ella wants to spend time with Charlie, which irritates Leah. Nancy is taken aback when Leah refers to Ella as Charlie’s “girlfriend,” and it looks that she is correct. Nancy is stunned when she learns that Charlie was attempting to buy condoms and was caught by Darren. They warn him about having sex with minors, but will he listen?
  4. Prince prepares to inform Goldie of his and Olivia’s move to New Zealand, but he has difficulty doing so. Olivia, on the other hand, tells it like it is, leaving Goldie dumbfounded.


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