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Ex-EastEnders actress Katie Jarvis shouted ‘black lives don’t matter’

What’s on the horizon in Walford?

The following contains EastEnders spoilers.

On next week’s episode of EastEnders, Jean is threatened in Southend as her narrative comes to a head, Chelsea reconsiders her future, and Kat receives a sinister message.

Here’s a rundown of the 18 most important events coming up:

  1. Kat receives an ominous warning

Kat is startled when a smoke bomb is detonated in her home, and she immediately recognises the perpetrator. Kat tries to remain calm in the face of the crisis, but her anxiety escalates when she also receives an unusual box.

Kat and Stacey are relieved to find that the alert was a false alarm in the café. It’s enough to frighten Kat, who tells Stacey that she doesn’t want to live like this and that she’s not with Phil for that reason.

  1. Harvey is having a hard time dealing with Jean’s antics.

When Harvey discovers how much Jean has spent on the wedding, he loses his cool. Harvey, who is tense, adds that he needs to concentrate on finding a flat in Southend first.


Harvey confides in Mitch and Rocky after asking her to cancel everything, unknowing that Jean has received her lavish wedding gown and is still preparing to wear it.

  1. Linda takes a calculated risk.

Linda gets into an argument with Honey and Kat in the café, and Stacey urges her to calm down. This prompts Linda to make a significant decision: she will return to serve customers at The Vic.

Nancy asks Frankie to keep an eye on Linda as she and Zack look for a restaurant to buy as Linda returns to the pub’s bar.

When Mick returns from his vacation with Ollie and Janine, things soon get unpleasant, but will Linda be able to resist a drink?

  1. Gray delivers awful news to Chelsea

Chelsea informs Whitney of Patrick’s offer of a house swap and considers her options.

Kim is ecstatic to hear the news, but she is saddened when Chelsea gains confidence and decides to stay.

Chelsea’s joy is short-lived, however, when Whitney discovers a letter showing that Gray hasn’t paid his mortgage in months, potentially causing them to lose their home.

  1. Kat assumes command.

Denise overhears Kat and Stacey’s chat and advises them to settle things with Sam so she can leave Jack and their family alone.

Ben later enrages Kat by informing her that she isn’t cut out to be a Mitchell, in an attempt to rile her up.

Kat acts strong and throws Sam out of her house when she announces she’s moving in, asserting that she’s now the family’s leader.

  1. Stuart receives an update on his health

Stuart receives a call from his doctor with an update on his condition, and on their suggestion, grudgingly begins taking painkillers.

Despite the fact that Stuart has begun taking the medication as agreed, Vi is irritated when he finds excuses for not holding Roland.

Later, Rainie asks Bernie to look after Roland because Stuart continues to avoid him. What exactly is going on?

  1. Harvey receives shocking Aaron news

When Harvey had a change of heart and tells Jean that she can retain the bridal gown after all, Jean is overjoyed.

Stacey, however, is becoming increasingly concerned about her mother’s happiness and begs Harvey not to move away with Jean.

When Harvey receives a terrible phone call, he learns that Aaron has been gravely hurt and is in the hospital.

  1. Stacey implores Harvey to see the light.

Stacey stands by Harvey in the hospital, despite his frail condition.

Stacey notices that Jean has been a diversion for Harvey during their conversation and tries to persuade him of this.

She takes advantage of the situation to persuade Harvey not to marry Jean, but will he listen this time?

  1. Jack is troubled by Sam’s homecoming.

Sam is eager to locate a somewhere to stay, and after speaking with Ricky in the café, he has an idea.

When Ricky misbehaves and threatens to leave with Sam, Jack becomes conflicted.

  1. Ben is confronted with a new challenge.

Next week, Ben will face a new challenge when Steve, the man he assaulted, awakens from his coma.

Ben is taken aback by Callum’s announcement, but what exactly does Steve recall?

11.Chelsea is thinking about a new chance.

In order to keep the house, Kim steps in to assist Chelsea with her finances.

Kim begins analysing the figures at Ruby’s, while Chelsea assists a frazzled Dotty behind the bar.

Kim and Whitney are impressed with Chelsea’s abilities and push her to work for the club, but she is irritated by the idea and quits. Chelsea, on the other hand, begins to doubt the position after speaking with Denise.

  1. Jean continues to be a source of worry.

When Harvey tells Jean that Aaron’s life is on the line, she is taken aback by her casual demeanour. When he sees her over-the-top bridal gown, he is even more taken aback.

As Harvey begins to suspect Jean is ill, he informs her that they must take things slowly because Aaron is his primary focus at the moment.

Jean, enraged, returns to the Slaters, much to Stacey’s relief, but she remains adamant on getting her happily ever after…

  1. Janine is a thorn in Linda’s side.

Linda’s continued employment at The Vic raises additional worries in Mick’s mind about Linda’s suitability as a safeguarding problem for Ollie.

Mick speaks awkwardly to Linda about working behind the bar, prompted by Janine.

Janine tries to shock Linda by opening a bottle of champagne as Zack and Nancy relay the good news that they may have found a restaurant.

14.Jean travels to Southend.

Billy noticed Jean in her wedding gown, claiming she’s getting married today, which worried Stacey.

Stacey enlists Martin’s assistance in locating her, and after speaking with Harvey, discovers she has gone to Southend.

While Stacey searches for her, Jean takes in the views of the seaside while receiving compliments on her dress, and she subsequently visits a local funfair.

15.Jean is in grave danger.

When Stacey and Martin locate down Jean, they are shocked to see her going towards the sea.

Stacey chases after her mother, gently encouraging her to get out of the water.

Jean begins to realise that she is ill there, but will Stacey be able to reach her in time?

16.Mick has reservations about Janine.

Mick begins to feel uneasy about his connection with Janine after their trip apart.

Mick is shocked to learn from Billy that Janine has been disclosing intimate information about their relationship, but will he confront her about it?

17.Harvey comes to a tragic realisation.

Harvey confides in Rocky about Jean, and he discovers that she has been sick the entire time.

Harvey falls down after receiving a big wedding cake and wonders if Jean ever truly loved him.

  1. Kat learns something unexpected about Lily.

When Callum escorts Lily home after she was caught shoplifting, Kat is taken aback.

Kat inquires as to what is going on, but Lily’s response astounds her.


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