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Neighbours revisits Chloe and Nicolette romance in 20 new spoiler pictures

Your complete gallery of images indicating what’s coming up on UK TVs starting Monday, November 29.

Monday, November 29:

There is a flashback moment in the show. We’re transported to Glen’s most recent visit to Queensland.

Terese’s wedding ring is discovered by Glen. Terese misplaced the priceless artefact while inebriated.

Glen picks up the ring. He hasn’t disclosed the fact that he possesses it up to this point.

Glen appears to be up to something nefarious. Terese’s loss of the ring generates greater friction between her and Paul in the most recent episodes. Glen’s covert agenda benefits from this.

Glen looks to be planning sabotage. Is he still capable of driving a wedge between Paul and Terese?

Everyone is completely unaware of what Glen is up to. But how long will it last?


Tuesday, November 30:

Mick is a tyrant. In an obnoxious outfit, he enters the Flamingo Bar.

Mick’s behaviour has Amy shaken. Mick could be pushing his luck just a little too far.

Ned, Amy, and Levi are all decked out for the holiday party. All of you are looking great!

The last few months have been difficult for Ned, Amy, and Levi. Can they get things back on track by the end of the year?

Ned, Chloe, Amy, Levi, and Mick are the characters in this storey. Mick will very certainly have a couple more surprises in his sleeve for everyone.

Wednesday, December 1:

Chloe and Nicolette are rekindling their romance. The two have been able to rekindle their friendship.

Chloe and Nicolette appear to be looking for something more than friendship. They press their lips together for a kiss.

Nicolette is torn between two ideas. She’s unsure if she wants to pursue the relationship again.

Chloe and Nicolette must make some difficult choices. Chloe is taken aback when she hears what Nicolette wants after the kiss.

Friday, December 3:

Toadie is worried about Nell. Nell recently wanted to use Melanie’s crystal ball to connect with her late mother. When the ball shattered, the schoolgirl became angry.

Toadie and Mel have come up with a brilliant plan. They take Nell to the memorial tree for Sonya.

Nell pays homage to her mother. Toadie wants Nell to be able to express her sadness in a healthy way.

Mel appreciates Toadie’s help. She appreciates Toadie’s willingness to assist her.

Toadie and Mel become more intimate. Their bond is becoming stronger by the day.


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