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Neighbours teases romantic chemistry for Chloe Brennan and Kiri Durant

Despite the fact that Neighbours is coming to an end, it looks that there is still opportunity for new developing loves.

That will be the case for Chloe Brennan and Kiri Durant, who will get closer in subsequent episodes of the serial.

And as their chemistry grows stronger, the possibility of a new budding romance grows as well.

Kiri is first brought to Chloe’s attention by Nicolette. When Nicolette learns that Kiri is going on a street beach vacation, she invites herself along in the hopes of getting closer to her.

Kiri gradually warms towards her, and the two form a friendship as a result of her scheme.

While Nicolette brags about how far she’s come with Kiri, Chloe’s interest is sparked as well.

The two will spend a lot of time alone when the episodes air, exploring their budding relationship.

And as the duo’s alone time grows, they’ll find themselves on the verge of something more.

When the two finally give in and admit their mutual attraction, it becomes clear that things aren’t as simple as they appear.

Kiri and Chloe reluctantly agree that they shouldn’t go… However, once you’ve had a taste, staying away will be much easier said than done.


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