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Neighbours teases baby plot and shock discovery in 17 new spoiler pictures

Your complete gallery of images indicating what’s in store for Ramsay Street in the week ahead, beginning Monday, April 4.

Wednesday, April 6:

Roxy is expecting a child. She’d previously received a negative result, but Gemma persuaded her to try again.

Roxy’s news comes at the end of a stressful week. Kyle and Roxy have been debating whether or not to relocate to Darwin.

Roxy informs Kyle of the news. It’s everything they’ve wished for.

Roxy and Kyle are overjoyed. Their goal of becoming parents is coming true.

The pair is ecstatic. Kyle’s sperm had been mistakenly destroyed at the fertility clinic, thus this was their only chance to produce a biological child.

Roxy and Kyle have a kiss. The couple is optimistic about the future.


The days of Roxy and Kyle on Ramsay Street are numbered. They now intend to proceed with the relocation to Darwin.

In the next days, Roxy and Kyle will be departing the Street. Their stay in Erinsborough is coming to a close.

Roxy and Kyle have a lot of things to get ready for the move. Zima Anderson and Chris Milligan shot their final sequences in real life early this year.

Montana and Leo are still having a good time together. In recent weeks, they’ve been having a fling.

Montana and Leo succumb to temptation once more. Leo has kept his family in the dark about Montana’s situation.

Montana is a source of diversion for Leo. After the sadness of Britney’s death in January, he’s seeking for a way to move on.

Paul is keeping an eye on everything. Uh-oh.

Paul appears to be quite curious in what Leo is up to. He’s irritated that Leo is sneaking around behind his back.

Paul has only recently learned about Montana proposing Leo. He now jumps to a conclusion about their relationship that is damaging.

Paul is about to launch an assault. But what is he going to do?

Montana and Leo are a couple. Montana is played by Tammin Sursok, who previously appeared in the shows Home and Away and Pretty Little Liars.


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