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Neighbours star Richard Huggett calls for legendary character to return again

Sadly, Neighbours will be cancelled by Channel 5 in the UK this summer, but there are still several months of Ramsay Street drama to come before the final episode airs on August 1.

With Ian Smith as Harold Bishop and Peter O’Brien as Shane Ramsay already confirmed to return for the soap’s last episodes, actor Richard Huggett, who portrays Glen Donnelly, has revealed which significant character he’d like to see return to Erinsborough to commemorate the show’s end.

He told Inside Soap, “I don’t know if it’s conceivable because the character is deceased.” “But I’d bring Jim Robinson back. I just think he and Glen have some unfinished business…”

Jim was killed off in 1993 after suffering a severe heart attack, however actor Alan Dale appeared in a Christmas bauble as a ghost in 2018.

During a crisis, Jim’s son Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) crashed his automobile and awoke to discover a vision of Jim speaking to him via a Christmas ornament hanging beneath his rear-view mirror.

If Jim can emerge as a ghost once, it’s not out of the question that he can do it again…

Huggett also discussed his views about the soap’s 37-year run coming to an end, saying he is “very proud” to be a part of the forthcoming finale.

“It’s a terrific time to be engaged with Neighbours,” he added, “because there’s a lot of focus on us being a part of Australian television history, and I hope the programme will be remembered for a long time.”

“We don’t know how it’ll end yet – though we do know it won’t be an earthquake, explosion, or anything similar. I have a feeling it will be a huge party.”

But there’s plenty more drama for Glen to be engaged in before that celebration, especially now that his long-lost daughter Kiri Hua Durant (Gemma Bird Matheson) has moved into Ramsay Street.

How long will Glen be able to keep his identity hidden as he draws closer to Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes)?


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