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Neighbours star Phoebe Roberts explains Freya Wozniak’s big confessions

Phoebe Roberts, who plays Freya Wozniak on Neighbours, has revealed some of her character’s secrets.

Freya has left fans wondering since her arrival in Erinsborough last month, but she is now revealing the truth to her love interest Levi Canning.

Freya tells Levi the true name of Gareth, the mystery man she has been seeking for in recent weeks, in Monday’s episode on Channel 5 (February 14).

“She admits to Levi that she already had a boyfriend — Gareth – who has gone missing,” Phoebe told Digital Spy of Freya’s admissions. She travelled to Erinsborough in search of him.

“We also learn how difficult Freya’s life has become after Gareth vanished, and how she can’t trust anyone.” She’s been alone for months, trying to make sense of everything.

“Then Levi has to deal with the implications of this, because this girl has been lying to him for weeks.”

Gareth used to work as a courthouse clerk, Freya explains. Freya got a text one day claiming he had to go into hiding because he had witnessed something incriminating at work.

Freya had reason to suspect Gareth had been observed in Erinsborough months later, so she went to look for him.

Phoebe went on to say: “Freya met Levi right away after she came. She reasoned that she could take advantage of his police ties.

“She was frightened that all officers were wicked and crooked, but then she met Levi, this ray of light, and realised how difficult it is to deceive someone so divine.

“Freya has undeniable feelings for Levi at this point. She is familiar with him, has met his family, and is a part of his life. It eats away at her to lie to him.

“She may not confess it to herself right now, because her partner is still missing, but she clearly has feelings for Levi.

“Her confession has left Levi feeling betrayed, and he storms off on her.” Freya tries to apologise, but he ignores her.

“However, Levi is worried that now since she’s alone in this, she’ll do something stupid.” He’s concerned and believes it is his obligation to ensure Freya’s safety. He’s in love, even if he doesn’t realise it.”

“They might go against her for a little time, but then something significant happens where people might understand her plight and they might come back on board,” Phoebe said when asked how viewers might react to Freya’s disclosures.


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