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Neighbours spoilers: Big twist as Toadie Rebecchi and Terese Willis take shock action after Flashback Week changes everything

Below are spoilers for Monday’s (November 20) episode of Neighbours, which can be streamed on Amazon Freevee right now.

In the most recent episode of the long-running soap opera, there was a lot of uncertainty and confusion as the Ramsay Street inhabitants attempted to make sense of what had happened during Flashback Week.

During that particular week, Melanie Pearson (Lucinda Cowden) made her eagerly anticipated reappearance by disclosing the true reason behind her departure from Erinsborough two years earlier, thereby proving her involvement in the death cover-up.

Krista Sinclair, the half-sister of Reece (Mischa Barton), who has been looking for her brother since the start of the revival series, was the victim.

When Mel retaliated against Krista and her boyfriend Eden Shaw (Costa D’Angelo) for attempting to extort money, the former struck her head in the altercation.

Melanie went to Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) for assistance, and he helped her hide the crime. As a result, Melanie fled to try to save Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and the children.

Unwilling to inflict any more suffering on his soulmate Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou), Paul made the decision to abandon her at the altar at their vow renewal.

After suffering from heartbreak, Toadie and Terese eventually fell in love and got married at the start of the new series, thinking their ex-lovers had moved on.

But now that the truth was out, neither Terese nor Toadie knew how to react. They realised that if Paul hadn’t covered up Krista’s death, they never would have been together and probably would still be with their former partners.

While Toadie felt deceived by Melanie and told Nell to keep away from her, Terese considered a future with Paul. Toadie reiterated that Mel had breached the law and hence their trust.

The attorney questioned his relationship with Terese, who stated that she was satisfied with the outcome, despite the fact that this is obviously not the case.

Even though they both still had feelings for their ex-boyfriend, Toadie and Terese went on different missions to ensure their future together. Toadie visited Paul and asked him to avoid Terese, while Terese went to see Melanie in prison and asked her to withstand any attempts by Nell to get in touch with her.

For the time being, it appears like Paul and Terese and Melanie and Toadie will not be getting back together, even if they both consented to comply with the request.

We’ll simply have to wait and see if Toadie and Terese stick with it or if their hearts begin to yearn for the lives they may have had with their former partners.


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