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Neighbours star Jodi Gordon hints at Elly Conway return in show revival

There are discussions going on.

Jodi Gordon from Neighbours might be close to making yet another trip back to Ramsay Street.

The Australian soap opera was infamously dropped by its backers the previous year before being revived by Amazon Freevee, with numerous members of the original cast already committed to reprising their roles.

After portraying Elly Conway from 2016 to 2020 and again in that moving conclusion when she reconnected with Chloe Brennan, it appears that Gordon is preparing for more soap opera action in the coming months.

The actress recently informed Studio 10’s Angela Bishop, Tristan MacManus, and Narelda Jacobs that “conversations are underway” (via Daily Mail), implying that the character might return.

But, she is not the only cast member criticising the soap opera comeback.

The show’s illustrious co-star Alan Fletcher, who portrayed Karl Kennedy, responded to its return early last month by declaring on Good Morning Britain: “The final episode was viewed by more than five million people in the UK, and it had the highest ratings in Australia.

We’re thrilled that Amazon has picked up the show because, in my opinion, people have realised that it is too popular to let go.

Jackie Woodburne, who played Susan Kennedy, also expressed her opinion, telling Nova in November: “I’m ecstatic beyond belief. This is the most fantastic news ever.

Think about all the jobs that would be available to those people, as well as the fans and viewers who continue to write to us every day to express how much they missed the show and how much they wished it would return.

New episodes of Neighbours will stream for free on Amazon Freeview in the UK and the US when it returns in the second half of 2023. The new series’ first-run rights in Australia will remain with Network 10.


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