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Home and Away spoilers: Rose discovers Stacey’s cheating secret?

Since learning that Stacey doesn’t believe in monogamy, Rose (Kirsty Marillier) hasn’t been supportive of Xander’s (Luke Van Os) relationship with Stacey (Maleeka Gasbarri).

She is persuaded that Stacey is terrible news since her innate detective instinct keeps surfacing. When she learns that Stacey has chosen to maintain a one-guy relationship with Xander, her concerns grow because individuals don’t suddenly change.

In addition to Stacey’s abrupt determination to become exclusive, Rose finds it upsetting to arrive home and find a half-naked Stacey preparing breakfast. It’s an uneasy exchange because nothing has been settled since their tense argument last week.

Rose complains to Kirby (Angelina Thomson) later, stating that Stacey and her brother aren’t resolving their differences and aren’t dealing with their problems.

Rose is strolling down the beach when she finds Stacey teaching a fitness class on the sand. Her eyes widen as she observes the instructor interacting closely with a client who requires assistance with some deep stretches. Rose believes Stacey shouldn’t act that way while working, and the two ladies argue when Stacey notices Rose is watching.

Both of them have a preconceived notion of the other: Stacey perceives Rose as dominating, while Rose perceives Stacey as dishonest. As soon as he sees the two of them engaged in their most recent disagreement, Xander sides with Stacey. Even though there is tension between the siblings, Rose is confident that Stacey isn’t right and she wants to find a method to back up her suspicions.

Rose is sceptical when Stacey claims she isn’t around on the weekends but won’t offer a plausible justification as she watches Xander and Stacey cuddle up on the couch. She also keeps looking at something on her phone, and Rose thinks she’s planning a date with someone else without telling Xander. Rose makes the decision to conduct some investigation and returns to her room.

Rose accesses the Smouldr dating app on her smartphone, modifies her settings so that she only sees women, and browses through the profiles. Her suspicions are quickly verified when Stacey’s profile appears and shows that it is still active.

With this knowledge, Rose tries to warn her brother of the situation because it is obvious that Stacey isn’t devoted to the relationship because she is seeing other people behind his back.


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