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Ada Nicodemou’s heartfelt message as she shares behind-the-scenes Home and Away moments

Ada Nicodemou, a star of Home and Away, looks to be living proof that if you love what you do for a career, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

In a recent heartfelt Instagram message to her fellow cast mates, the adored actress who portrays Leah Patterson on the well-liked Seven drama referred to them as “family” and said she was grateful for their support.

She said, “A big thank you to my lovely @homeandaway family.”

“It was amazing to see everyone today. I feel so fortunate to work with such wonderful individuals who I consider to be like family.

Here are some #bts from our previous promotional shoot.

The 45-year-old Nicodemou then posted a number of pictures of the cast gathered for a photo shoot on the beach; they appeared to be having a great time.

A photograph taken of the group after dark laughing while seated around a fire pit shows that the session continued into the night.

With some of the show’s more recent acting talents, longtime cast members Nicodemou, Lynne McGranger, Ray Meagher, Georgie Parker, and Emily Symons could be seen.

Fans of Nicodemou praised the images, praising how solid the group’s friendship appeared to be.

“I want this kind of family!” one fan wrote.

“I love this pic.”

“Beautiful cast,” added another.

Another said, “Wonderful day by the looks of it.”

“I long for the seashore,”

One fan commented, “You guys seem like such genuine, down to earth individuals and so happy and pleasant to be around.

Another person commented, quoting the catchphrase of the character Alf Stewart, “Stone the flaming crows, what a great photo.”

In their comments, viewers from as far away as the UK and Norway expressed hope that Nicodemou had recovered from a recent health issue.

Recently, Nicodemou disclosed that a simple sneeze had put her in agonizing discomfort and rendered her immobile.

As she lay in bed recovering from a “bulging disc” in her back, the actress appealed to her followers for TV and book ideas.

Later, she shared several images of her taking a “time out,” relaxing, reading, and swimming with her son.

She added, “Just a great few days sleeping, reading, and enjoying time with the family,” before recommending some of the books she had read while hiding out in a different video.


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