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Neighbours star addresses Kylie Minogue’s return to soap as show makes huge comeback

Alan Fletcher, a legend of Neighbours, has discussed whether he believes Kylie Minogue will ever return to the show.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily actor, the Karl Kennedy actor attended the Rise of the Footsoldier: Vengeance premiere. Upon being questioned about Kylie’s potential return to the role of Charlene Robinson, he responded, “That is highly unlikely.”

He did, however, mention other people he would really like to have appear. “I would like to see the Kennedy family return as a whole; they hold a great deal of significance for me,” Alan stated. And Joe Mangle, always.”

In an apparent hint about what is ahead for his character, he said, “When we get back to Neighbours, Karl and Susan have a few secrets going on which are going to cause a few problems between them.”There will be a greater amount of drama and comedy. A major plot involving the two-year gap will be revealed six weeks after the show premieres. It’s incredible. So how does returning to the set feel now?

“Coming back feels really different; the bar has been raised, everyone is working 10% harder, everything looks better, and it’s just great,” Alan retorted. It’s about our beloved and familiar neighbours, only better and bigger. There’s a major wedding with a twist, new families, and so much to look out to—you’ve already seen a lot of the spoilers.”

Speaking candidly about the revival earlier this month, Alan claimed that its cancellation was actually a “blessing.” “They put the ship into drydock and went about our lives,” the actor clarified. Yes. And all of a sudden, we’re back, which is kind of fortunate as it allowed us to say, “We can do a reboot.”

“We asked ourselves, ‘What can we do to improve the show? How can we add more intrigue to it? What steps can we take to update the sets? How do we shoot and whatnot? We now have a wonderful new design for the programme.”


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