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Neighbours spoiler: Nicolette finally releases her grief

Aaron’s abrupt withdrawal is frightening everyone, but Nicolette is finding it difficult to sympathise. Although Nicolette is aware that Aaron is merely behaving out of sadness, she feels as though he has abandoned their family and put her in the difficult position of having to explain his absence to Isla.

Isla appears to be disturbed by the loss of her other father and begins to worry that Nicolette might vanish too. Nicolette is given time and space to unwind with Jane’s steadfast support, and for the first time since David’s passing, she at last lets go of her own intense sadness.

Cara is upset that Chelsea is relocating into Paul’s penthouse in the meanwhile. She is aware that Paul is in need of care because he is in a difficult emotional state, but she is unsure if Chelsea is the best person to provide it.

Remi tells Cara that she’s not accountable for her sister’s behaviour and to move on because she’s happy that Chelsea is no longer living with them.

Subsequently, Chelsea begins to exert influence within the hotel, thinking she has the right to represent Paul and take on more significant business decisions. One such move is to call off Krista’s “Lassiters Longest Lie-In” celebration. Cara finds it impossible to ignore the way her sister is interfering with her career; something has to be done.

In another scene, Terese makes a cruel comment to Melanie as she gathers trash for her community service assignment. Melanie reacts by dressing immaculately in her tiger print and purposefully luring Toadie.

Unaware of the whole situation, Holly watches Melanie’s behaviour and grows concerned. She chooses to tell Karl. Karl, who is also worried, advises Toadie to tell Terese the truth about what has been happening.


Melanie had already given Terese some spoilers about the tale in the interim. Terese is already incensed when Toadie brings flowers home as an expression of his regret.


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