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Neighbours spoilers: Zara exits over school fire blame?

Zara (Freya Van Dyke) is accused of starting the school fire that threatens Mackenzie’s (Georgie Stone) and Hendrix’s (Benny Turland) lives in Neighbours, and her protestations of innocence have fallen on deaf ears.

And it could have far-reaching ramifications.

After being implicated in the previous school fire and for attempting to kidnap Mackenzie’s boyfriend, all fingers are pointed at Zara when the entire school erupts in flames, and she appears as guilty as hell.

Mackenzie is stuck inside the burning building, and the situation is becoming dangerous when Hendrix is forced to break in to save her. Mackenzie is in critical condition and is on the verge of passing away.

Zara, on the other hand, has escaped with her life and is now facing an arson accusation. She’s been arrested and faces jail time, but she’s working hard to defend her name.

While attempting to defend herself, she manages to make things ten times worse. People, especially this time, want to see Hillary pay for her bad behaviour. The thing is, she knows who is to blame, but will they come clean and cleanse her name?

Aubrey is pressuring Sadie to keep quiet, while Zara wants her to tell the truth. Will Sadie stand by and watch Zara get sentenced to prison for a crime she didn’t commit?


Zara thinks she has no choice but to take severe measures after realising she is losing the battle. Amy finds a note addressed to her and Toadie that gives them the creeps – Zara says they’d be better off without her.

They immediately form a search team with residents and police in a frantic attempt to save Zara from herself, but will they be able to find her in time?

Scenes will premiere on Channel 5 on Monday, February 28th.


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