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Home and Away: Mia makes a bold proposal after Ari is rushed to hospital from prison

Ari’s health is going to take a serious turn this week, making life much more difficult for him. Despite the odds in their fight to be together, Mia remains steadfast and suggests they marry right away!

Is time on their side, though?

Mia (Anna Samson) receives a shocking call from prison during a dramatic week on Home And Away. Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) has been brought to the hospital because of acute abdominal pains. Ari is writhing in pain when Mia arrives. Logan (Harley Bonner), a local doctor, fears he has appendicitis. Mia can’t believe it, but they just can’t seem to get a break.

“No one wants to believe that he’s going to prison,” Rob says of the family’s anguish to TV WEEK. “Ari laments the fact that he didn’t marry Mia.”

Ari has been waiting for his sentencing hearing in previous episodes. Despite Nikau’s (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) efforts, he refuses to tell the truth. In self-defense of her mother Mia, Chloe (Sam Barrett) killed her violent calidad letrozole con el envio father (Anna Samson).

Ari now risks life in prison after selflessly confessing to the crime. Tane (Ethan Browne) has taken over as the family’s leader while he is away.

“Ari can’t bear the notion of Mia and Chloe going to prison for this horrific catastrophe,” Rob continues, “and in the end, he can’t figure out a way to make it work for his love and his Stepdaughter.”

“In the end, he decides to take the fall because he is confident in his abilities.”

Ari’s rehabilitation has been hampered by the passage of time in the hospital. Instead, his situation is deteriorating. Logan is concerned that his initial consultation did not provide the complete picture, so he undergoes more testing to determine the source of his suffering.

Mia becomes agitated as she watches. Logan tries to reassure her that everything is fine, but his expression says otherwise.

Logan leaves Mia to enjoy her time with her fiancé as Logan checks Ari’s test results. Logan investigates the scans on his own and discovers something considerably more terrible than he expected.

What exactly is going on?

Logan explains to Ari and Mia that more tests are required to obtain answers, but Mia senses he is withholding something. She presents a crazy notion to Chloe because she doesn’t want to waste any time. She wants to marry Ari as soon as possible, before anything else gets in the way.

Tane and Nikau arrive at the hospital the next day with a suit for Ari. He dresses for a “family portrait,” bemused and perplexed, until Mia walks in. She asks Ari to marry her today, dressed in a beautiful lace bridal gown and clutching a bouquet of flowers.

In light of recent events, the proposal is both moving and sad. Dr. Logan stands close, torn between the emotional occasion and Ari’s deteriorating condition. Ari, on the other hand, has only eyes for Anna as he accepts her offer with tears in his eyes.

Will the couple eventually be able to live happily ever after? Is there more pain on the way?


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