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Neighbours Spoilers – Freya decides to leave as David gives up

It’s a week after David and Freya’s confession on Neighbours in the UK, and their lives are falling apart around them — will Freya skip town, and has David given up?

These scenes will premiere in the United Kingdom on Monday, April 25th, and in Australia on Monday, May 23rd.

After realizing they couldn’t allow their unknown blackmailer triumph, David (Takaya Honda) and Freya (Phoebe Roberts) confessed to their part in Gareth’s (Jack Pearson) death in recent episodes.

The blackmailer, however, was one step ahead of them. Clive (Geoff Paine) was already in the middle of a conversation with Levi when they arrived at Erinsborough Hospital to tell him what they did or didn’t do in River Bend (Richie Morris). Someone had apparently filed a complaint with the medical board about their behavior.

They were arrested on their way to the police station. They’re in serious trouble, and the only way out is to claim that the terrible stress of the River Bend tragedy prompted them to make the poor decision not to treat Gareth.

Freya and David will be feeling the effects of their confession next week.

Levi is doing everything he can to avoid Freya, including blanking her out when he passes her on the street. She offers him a peace offering, but he refuses to listen to her since he feels deceived.


When he considers their relationship, he realizes that Freya has only brought him suffering since she arrived – she feigned to be into him in order to have access to his police computer, she lied to him about who Gareth was, and then she lied to him about what happened at River Bend.

He realizes he can’t forgive her; the anguish isn’t worth it. Freya is upset by his decision, but Levi is determined to go on with his life.

Freya is also cash-strapped, having spent all of her savings on the blackmailer’s demands and being fired from her work at Erinsborough Hospital.

Aaron pities her and offers her a job at The Shed – which, despite not being seen on screen in months, still exists and appears to be thriving – so she can keep paying her bills.

Unfortunately, word of Freya’s actions (or lack thereof) at River Bend has spread, and gym members have begun canceling their memberships as soon as they learn she is employed there.

Freya quits the job within days of starting it, not wanting to add to David and Aaron’s misery. She decides to leave Erinsborough because she has no job prospects and little to keep her there. She returns to Echuca to be with her family.

She tells her brother, Zane (Oli Pizzey-Stratford), the truth about her situation, and he assures her that if she returns home, she will have the support of their family.

Aaron is taken aback; he expected Freya to be a fighter, and now she’s threatening to abandon them. Will David be left to his own devices to deal with the consequences?

Meanwhile, everyone is wary of David, and Aaron is concerned when he appears to be completely uninterested in his lawyer.

Aaron is taken aback when he says he plans to accept the full force of the law because he knows what he did was wrong and doesn’t believe he has the right to defend himself.

Aaron is frightened. What will it mean for David’s family if he doesn’t stand up for himself?

Is Aaron on the verge of being a single parent to Isla?

Fashion Week is also coming up next week.

Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou), enthralled by the event’s hype, resolves to go all out, oblivious to the fact that Montana will be arrested once the event is over.

Terese persuades Montana to continue ahead with her ever-expanding plans, oblivious to the fact that she is going straight for disaster…

Montana, on the other hand, is losing interest and turning to the bottle as she comes to terms with the fact that she is about to be arrested for fraud.

As Fashion Week begins, there will be plenty of fireworks!


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