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Neighbours reveals who blackmailed David and Freya over Gareth’s death

The identity of the show’s mysterious blackmailer has been revealed by Neighbours.

After rumbling their secret over Gareth Bateman’s death, an unknown perpetrator has spent the past few weeks attempting to extort money from David Tanaka and Freya Wozniak.

On Channel 5 on Wednesday, David and Freya were in trouble at Erinsborough Hospital after someone accused them of allowing Gareth to die.

Despite the lack of evidence and Clive Gibbons’ willingness to dismiss the accusations, David and Freya went ahead with their plan to confess everything, knowing that the blackmail saga had to come to an end.

Sergeant Andrew Rodwell summoned the pair to the police station for formal statements.

In addition to taking responsibility for their Gareth decision, David and Freya expressed their suspicions that creepy Dean Covey was blackmailing them.

Dean was arrested and questioned by the police, but after denying any wrongdoing, he was released without charge.


David soon realized someone was watching him in the Lassiters complex and followed the unknown person into The Waterhole.

The shady figure turned out to be shady doctor Oscar Russell, who was hired by David’s father Paul Robinson earlier this year while feigning illness.

Oscar was left with a grudge at the time because he was deregistered after David reported him for unethical behavior.

Oscar boasted about how he’d been busy “people watching” in recent weeks – a veiled reference to how he’d uncovered David’s secret and exacted revenge – as they met again at The Waterhole.

Later, David and Freya returned to the police station with evidence indicating that Oscar was present at key times at the hospital and must have overheard them discussing Gareth.

Sergeant Rodwell promised to look into it, but cautioned the two coworkers that they had far more pressing concerns.

David and Freya are now facing a slew of charges, including medical manslaughter charges for David. Their employment at the hospital has also been suspended.

Oscar’s vengeance appears to have gone off without a hitch, but what does the future hold for David and Freya?


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