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Home and Away fans divided over major storyline: ‘Unforgivable’

One of Summer Bay’s most beloved couples, Felicity and Tane, are about to call it quits following months of conflict and drama, which has infuriated fans of Home and Away.

Before the subject of having children came up, the couple appeared to have reconciled after a tumultuous year that saw them get engaged, argue about being engaged when Felicity had second thoughts, have her car crash on the way to the wedding after she experienced another episode of cold feet, and then have Felicity be sexually abused and blackmailed by her attacker.

In a nutshell, Tane (Jacqui Purvis and Ethan Browne) has always desired children, which brings us to the narrative of Felicity and Tane. Felicity has never desired to have kids. Since the beginning of their relationship, she has been transparent about it. Tane seems to believe that perhaps, in spite of their shared trauma, she would reconsider.

Until recently, Felicity was quite set in her ways. She saw how dejected Tane and all of his muscles looked every time he realised again how much she never wanted children.

Thus, she foolishly told him she was going to have a child. Felicity took the birth control pill in secret with a theatrical expression of horror, as if it would kill her, even though the two were trying quite eagerly at first.

Tane ultimately found out, of course, and the couple now appears to be in a committed relationship.

Fans of both teams are divided.
Fans of Home and Away are sharply split on which side of the complex plot they support due to the show’s intricate plot.


Given that she has always been very honest about not wanting children (apart from her major faux pas of briefly claiming to desire them), some people have been on Team Flick.

“Tane, geez. Self-centered. One irate admirer wrote, “Your wife was in an accident that almost killed her, she was sexually assaulted and blackmailed by the attacker, and she told you she never wanted children and asked if she was enough for you.” “Poor Flick has been the object of your constant prodding till she agreed. Both my spouse and I support Flick. Sadly, love. She’s experienced a lot.”

“If Tane wanted children, he shouldn’t have married Flick,” another person said. “She said from the start she didn’t want kids.”

“If a woman says not yet then that should be respected at all times, it is her body,” a different supporter stated. “If it is forced on you, you will grow to resent the child you are carrying and also the one who insisted.”

Some admirers are convinced Felicity is a liar and incapable of accepting responsibility for her own deeds.

Tane may have been self-centered in her desire for a child, but Flick ought not to have lied. This one’s on her,” someone remarked.

Another said, “Flick can’t stop lying to Tane.” “She lied even though he felt something wasn’t right. She’ll now place the blame on everyone but herself.”

“This time, she did something very disgusting. Another person said, “I know he’s far from perfect, but I agree with him that it is unforgivable.”

Some viewers simply find it unfortunate that any pair in Summer Bay can’t find happiness there.

“I find it unfortunate that the writers are ending Tane and Flick’s relationship in this manner. One commenter lamented, “I loved them as a couple, it would be great if one couple stayed together.”

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