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Home and Away Justin star confuses fans as he poses with identical twin brother

James Stewart, star of Home and Away, frequently astounds fans by revealing that he has an identical twin brother.

Since arriving in Summer Bay in 2016, the 47-year-old actor—who originally played Justin Morgan on the serial opera—has grown to become one of Australia’s most well-known performers. During an appearance on The Morning Show last month, the soap actress went down memory lane with Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur.

Many pictures of him and his twin brother, Nick Stewart, were on display as he reminisced about his early years. Larry inquired: “Were you the naughty one or the cool one because there’s always a naughty one.”

James answered, “We always swapped,” in response. Each other took the responsibility.” The actor pointed out that the girls’ resemblance stemmed from their shared DNA when a picture of James and Nick with their daughters surfaced.

“Yes, their separation is almost 14 months. “The girls have the same DNA in them because Nick and I have the same DNA,” he said. It has to do with science. I won’t get into it, but don’t they look precisely the same?

James and his ex-fiance Jessica Marais, whom he met on the set of Packed to the Rafters in 2009, are parents to 11-year-old Scout. Over the years, James has shared several photos of himself and his brother. In 2018, many fans were surprised to learn that James has a twin sibling.

“Same same, but different,” he captioned, adding the hashtags #family and #twins afterwards. Commenters flocked to the page, with one writing: “OMG, you’re a twin? I had no idea that!


Another said, “I got so confused,” acknowledging that she had mistakenly believed she was seeing double. “I had no idea you were and are a twin!!” exclaimed a third. While yet another perplexed fan wrote: “Is that two of you? Oh my god.

In 2020, Nick appeared in a brief cameo on the television show Home and Away. Nick and James shared a photo from inside the diner in which they were seen posing with a number of the cast members, including Penny McNamee, who portrayed James’ on-screen sister Tori Morgan, Irene Roberts actress Lynne McGranger, and actor Ray Meagher from Alf Stewart.

He wrote, “That one time there were 3 ‘Stewarts’ in Summer Bay!” as the picture’s description, adding the hashtag “#flaminggalah” after it.


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